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Brave Browser is a new free open-source web-browser designed with attention to details and appreciation of market requirements. The standalone offline installer of Brave Browser is available for all contemporary desktop and mobile platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Thus, you can download Brave app and set it up on any of your devices without excessive efforts.

Notable features of the Brave software tool

The program stands out due to its stability, speed and visual gamma aspect. Let’s summarize the most distinctive app abilities:

  • Incredible speed of all operations related to web-browsing and loading of content. As the testing conducted by independent media reveals, Brave loads pages 2x faster on desktop and up to 8x faster on mobile devices right away.
  • Unparalleled security and privacy. The developer of the project never gathers any data of user activities or surfing experience and sells it to third-party companies. The ads and tracker blocker can be customized either on browser-wide or per-site basis. Default settings of the browser also afford a solution to block malvertising, malware and phishing content by default. All the plugins which are identified by the engine as security risk are disabled from the very start.
  • Flexible navigation and intuitive usability. The Pinned Tabs technology offers a way to start your surfing from any tab which you visited formerly during the previous session. Drag-and-drop feature suggests a chance to use your mouse to change the tabs location, to move the specific bookmark to another folder, or to run a link from the pinned tab. After you start typing an URL into the address bar, the engine automatically scans your bookmarks and looks for the inclusions of the text being entered. After the match is found, it is suggested to be used for browsing or search. The browser also identifies whether the site you visited is secure and warns you about the harmful scripts, which can be run from the sandbox.
  • Amazingly stunning visual interface. Right after the first run, you will notice that all the UI elements have been designed with accent on charm and fascination, and these are not just spare words. The designers have indeed made their best to make the look of Brave vivid and gorgeous.
  • Customized search via alternate engines. The user can specify which of the search engines will be used as the default. The search itself is possible via keyboard shortcuts or visual controls. For private search within Internet, DuckDuckGo engine can be used, as it includes all the appropriate security and privacy mechanics. Currently Brave supports up to 20 search engines.
  • Full compliance with Google add-ons and extensions. All the plugins can be easily downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.
  • A chance to sync with your browser account to make all of your active tabs, bookmarks and settings available on other devices you access Brave Browser from. This feature works in the same way as Google Chrome and Chromium.
  • Live interactive setting up procedure. While Brave Browser is installed, you can import bookmarks and settings from other navigators installed on your PC, adjust the search engine, choose your color theme or skin to perfectly match your style and tastes, and enable the Brave Rewards technology. This principle ideally serves to contribute to your favourite content creators by viewing corresponding ads while you browse.

The solution ideally serves for private and anonymous web-browsing within the net. You can download the latest version of Brave Browser for any platform supported by the software initiative.

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