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Brave Browser for Android
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Brave Browser for Android is a fast, secure and productive mobile browser with AdBlock integrated support, which combines flexible approach to application design and workflow with simplicity, logic and transparency in visual interface of the product. Brave serves best on phones and tablets of latest and medium-aged generations and editions. However, even on outdated models with Android 4.0 and 4.1 on board, Brave app operates with high stability and fluency. You can download Brave mobile browser right from this page by following the corresponding link.

Brave Browser: features and special options

Let’s highlight the abilities and options that transform it into a unique solution for web-surfing and navigating within the world-wide network:

  • Built-in integration of AdBlock plugin — ultra-efficient third-party plugin which prevents displaying of commercial ad banners within the browser and allows avoiding cyber-hijacking of personal dаta: bank account numbers, passwords and security codes.
  • Flawless and smooth browsing without malware, pop-ups and other annoyances — you get a full set of options without any settings or plugins to manage prior to actual work with Brave Browser.
  • Data and battery optimization. Brave improves performance and considerably reduces page loading time. Particularly, the Android version shows a 2x to 4x speed boost, while iOS and desktop versions reveal a competitive performance increase. As a conclusion, you will gain a direct reduction in both data plan and battery consumption.
  • Immersive privacy protection. In addition to solid secure options and technologies available within Brave by default, the browser also contains different tweaks and options to maintain the same degree of privacy and security, such as private incognito tabs, third-party cookie blocking, script blocking and HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic).
  • Bookmarks management within Brave. You can add as many mobile bookmarks as you want, and after syncing of your account with the desktop app version, all of them will become visible on Windows, Linux or macOS build of the app.
  • History of visits that lets you access recently attended web-resources and keep track of them online.
  • Recent tabs. If you’ve just encountered an interesting blog or an article and accidentally closed the active tab, you can easily return to it by a special Recent tab. It stores links to your entire navigation history and is very convenient for instant switch to formerly visited websites.
  • Informative and clear statistics regarding the quantity of HTTPS Upgrades, blocked trackers and ads, and estimated time saved while optimizing the load of the pages in an efficient and flawless way.
  • Multi-tab navigation. Just like in Chrome or Firefox, you can open multiple tabs simultaneously and switch between them in a convenient way. Such an approach allows to save your resources while accessing multiple sites at the same time and to smoothly navigate between all of the active tabs.

Brave Browser for Android is a secure means to surf all over the web-space with minimum efforts, decreasing the load of ARM-processor and other mobile phone resources, optimizing that way the battery consumption and your precious time. The utility is available to download from this particular page, the updates are installed right after they are released by the developer either automatically or manually, depending on your mobile gadget’s settings.

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