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Brave Browser for iOS
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Brave Browser for iPad and iPhone is a reliable and secure web-browsing solution with integrated Ad Block module that provides a chance to block any pop-up windows and block harmful scripts, which are run on the client side. Brave for iOS grants unique opportunities of protection, inbound and outcoming traffic optimization that decreases the load on the bandwidth of your device. The app allows optimizing the battery consumption and saving your precious time and energy. You can download Brave Browser for iPad right from this page and use it according to your current requirements and platform specifications.

Brave Browser for iOS: options and tweaks

Here is a review of the most notable features and abilities of the Brave Browser app:

  • A powerful ad-blocking add-on. Brave provides seamless, smooth and ad-free browsing experience.
  • Secure and fast engine. You don’t need to install, manage or customize any external plugins to use the web-browser. The program is designed for both security and speed so that you can enjoy the instant navigation through the web without malware, pop-ups and other annoyances.
  • Data and battery optimization. The utility shields you from ads infected with malware, improves performance and reduces the page-loading time. Brave reveals a 2x to 8x speed increase on Apple devices. Hereby, you will notice a sustainable reduction in both data plan and battery consumption.
  • Privacy protection. The solution also keeps users safe with leading security and privacy features, such as private incognito tabs, cookie blocking, script blocking, HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic). Other browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, concede to Brave in the level of security and privacy protection.
  • Ultimate informative tool for tracking protection. Thus, you can notice how many trackers and ads are blocked, the quantity of HTTPS upgrades, estimated time saved after the optimization of the consumed web-traffic.
  • Private tabs that don't save history, cookies and cache while you are surfing the Internet. This module is similar to Incognito tabs in Google Chrome.
  • The primary features common for regular browsing applications are also available: bookmarks, history, recent tabs.
  • Informative graphic thumbnails that allow you to instantly access the recently visited web-resources.
  • A whole lot of settings and tweaks that can customize nearly every aspect of the tool’s GUI and features. You can adjust and define the search engine, block malware, customize the fingerprinting protection, turn on the passcode for logins and do mass of other amazing things to get a full experience and maximum pleasure from the web-surfing process.

When you get Brave Browser for iPhone, iPad or another Apple device, you get a professional, ultra-scalable and optimal program for web-browsing and other similar activities, such as navigating through social networks, watching media, etc. The program is available for download right from this page.

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50.8 MB
iPhone, iPad
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WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Brave Browser for iOS is available for free download without registration
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