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Brave Browser for Linux
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Brave Browser for Linux is an effective, vivid and gorgeously-looking web-browser, which is built upon Chromium browser and is based on Blink engine. The app is quite informative and displays the whole info about the quantity of blocked pop-up windows, tracker site counters and removal of malware, trojans and keyloggers. Brave is a cross-platform project, so you can find official versions for any desktop (Windows, macOS) or mobile (Android, iOS) environments. You can download Brave Browser for Linux directly from this page.

Interesting options and perks of Brave Browser for Ubuntu

Brave is distinctive from other program browsing initiatives by several features profitable for all Linux users. Here is their brief review:

  • Incredibly fluent and efficacious browser engine, which loads pages 2x faster on desktop and up to 8x faster on mobile devices in comparison with Firefox and Chrome.
  • The developer claims that Brave doesn’t store any of your browsing data regardless of the user gadget and platform. Thus, none of your personal data is ever sold to third-party companies or state authorities.
  • You can customize and apply your settings either on per-site or browser-wide basis. Also you can see any moment how many trackers and ads have been blocked right on New Tab page.
  • If more secure HTTPS connection is available to particular resource, Brave immediately upgrades its connection to reliable protocol to make your browsing session more protected and safe.
  • Default settings of the web-navigator block malvertising, adware and phishing. Moreover, plugins which are under security risk are disabled.
  • Syncing of all your bookmarks, history and settings between all of the devices used.
  • Autosuggest URLs module, which grants a chance to navigate to the needed site without fully retyping its URL into the address bar. If you visited the site formerly, the URL will be suggested to be navigated to after you visited it formerly.
  • Search from address bar. As most of the up-to-date surfing solutions, Brave provides a way to make search right from the address bar without navigating to Google or Bing homepage. This is especially helpful when you need to search by the keyword or phrase quickly and efficiently. By the way, the default search engine to be used can also be customized in the Settings.
  • Integrated password manager. After you log in to email, cloud storage or streaming platform, you are offered an opportunity to enter the password to your account. After the password is being typed once, the app remembers this info and automatically fills in the password each time you access the same account in the future.
  • You can specify the alternate search engine to be used via keyboard shortcuts. For private window search, a special DuckDuckGo engine is provided, which grants security and enhanced protection from tracking online. Currently, about 20 diverse search platforms are supported.
  • Compliance with all Chrome extensions accessible from Chrome Web Store.
  • Built-in exclusive Brave Rewards promotion technology. It relies on financial contributions in relation to your browsing experience to support the content creators you love. However, the funding is optional, and you can still browse the web with browser for free, forever.

Brave is a splendid browsing app with accent on comfort and usability. As long as all the settings and visual interface can be entirely customized, the whole featured aspects are flexible and tunable following your desires and preferences. Brave perfectly suits for Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and Centos editions after obtaining the setup package from the download page.

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