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Brave Browser for macOS
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Brave Browser for macOS is a desktop build of a contemporary open-source web-browser compatible with all the actual platforms and operating systems, either desktop or mobile. In fact, Brave has been entirely built on the base of Chromium, which uses the same engine, Blink. Brave is notable due to its outstanding design and an ability to block website trackers and ads that gather data about the user activity and send it to the third-parties. The official representatives of Brave Software Inc. claim that their project is entirely anonymous, and none of private data is collected and transferred outwards.

The special opportunities and individual options of Brave Browser

In the following paragraph, we summarized the most acclaimed browser features which distinguish the product from other Internet-solutions:

  • The embedded protective and security shields that serve to make your interaction with web reliable and private. The integrated pop-up and ads blocker efficiently guards your anonymity during browsing. Moreover, it also blocks harmful scripts and affords fingerprinting prevention to avoid unauthorized intrusion of any potentially dangerous code to be run on your machine. The shield settings can be customized either on per-site or browser-wide basis.
  • Perfect usability experience. The private browsing mode works without saving your history, cookies and any of personal data. Brave contains the exclusive browsing mode via Tor — apparently the best browser solution which doesn’t let anyone to track your activity online and bives a chance to stay completely invisible. Pinned Tabs option lets you create the shortcut thumbnails of your recent networking visits directly on the starting page. All the rest of must-have Brave opportunities, such as auto-unload, drag-and-drop principle support and search within the page are also provided.
  • Configurable and personalized address bar. The “Autosuggest URLs” module is applied, which scans your actual bookmarks and recent history for exact matches, and if they’re found, the component suggests the URLs to the user. If the user visits a dangerous resource, the engine automatically displays a warning about it so that the user is aware about potential danger. You can search right from the address bar without navigating to Google or Bing homepages.
  • Private search via wide assortment of engines. You can set your default and alternative search engines within Brave and toggle between them on the fly. In addition, you can apply keyboard shortcuts to alternative engines. For private search, the developers have integrated a special engine with accent on anonymity and privacy.
  • DuckDuckGo. This module grants the user unrestricted freedom and doesn’t send any data to servers and cloud storages while browsing. Also none of password data is saved.
  • A solid way to sync all of your bookmarks, tabs and browser settings with the Brave user account. This feature offers a solution to instantly switch between any of the operating systems and gadgets which use Brave in daily practice. Thus, you receive the same ecosystem conditions regardless of the device you are using.
  • Compliance with all Chrome extensions available directly from Chrome Web Store. As a bonus to plugins, you can also get the visual skins or themes to adapt the graphical view of your browser to the maximum style.

The project has gained positive feedback from media and press, and this fact definitely underlines the high degree of quality and fundamental principles that were put into the foundation of the development process. You can easily download Brave Browser for macOS right from this page.

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