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Brave Browser for Windows
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Brave Browser is an innovative application for surfing on the Internet. You can use the app on the devices with different operating systems, including the most popular Windows 7, 8 and 10. The desktop program is fast and feature-rich will all the features available in handy menus. Feel free to download and install Brave Browser for Windows on your PC or laptop: the tool doesn’t require any additional software for setting up on your machine. In average, both processes are performed in a few minutes. So, you will be able to start using the web browser with no delays.

The benefits of Brave

According to the developers’ data and the feedbacks of Brave’s users, the application’s desktop version is 2x faster than its famous analogs, such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Furthermore, the main page of the program reflects handy information on how much time you’ve saved for loading pages while using the program. Therefore, you can easily save plenty of time for research as well as you are free to visit your favorite websites on the fly. The browser also allows you to see the number of trackers and ads it blocked, which also looks incredibly engaging for most users.

Many people are concerned about their privacy. You should definitely know that the application doesn’t collect or store any personal data of its users. It also never shares your private information or search queries to any third parties. If it’s possible, Brave Browser automatically upgrades to HTTPS for secure communications, while a common browser would just use an insecure connection. Brave is always ready to block malware, phishing, and malvertising, offering the highest level of security to all its users. Not to mention, suspicious plugins will be disabled by default. Cookie control and block scripts features are also available.

Brave Browser for PC has all the basic features that any browser should contain. The Bookmark option is not an exception to the rule. You can effortlessly add and manage bookmarks, pin tabs, and search online directly from your address bar. Another benefit offered by the program is its ability to distinguish and notify about secure or insecure websites.

Private browsing is also accessible on Brave. Feel free to surf on the Internet without being noticed by scripts and ads. In this case, your real IP address is substituted with a virtual one, so none of the websites you visit won’t be able to track your location or any other kind of personal data. For the fans of DuckDuckGo, it is surely available for private browsing.

All in all, Brave is a new-generation program with lots of great features and customization options. Download it now and be the first to experience its outstanding advantages!

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Brave Browser for Windows 10 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Brave Browser for Windows 8 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Brave Browser for Windows 7 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Brave Browser for Windows is available for free download without registration
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