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Chromium is a new open-source web-browser developed by The Chromium Authors community, Google company and some other enterprises (Opera Software, Yandex, NVIDIA). As the developers claim, original designation of this software project is to offer users a fast, secure and private access to Internet as well as a comfortable platform for web-applications. Chromium source code serves as a basic platform for building another top-notch software tools for web-browsing, such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge and others. If you want to try install Chromium on your PC or Mac, download the latest version from the corresponding page.

Individual capabilities and distinctions of Chromium program from other browsers

Here is the review of essential features and opportunities of the app:

  • High speed and responsiveness. Originally, the developers have chosen free WebKit as the basic engine for displaying web-pages. In April 2013 the project has transferred to new open-source Blink engine, which stands out as the WebKit fork. In result, the user obtained incredibly fast, reliable and effective solution for surfing web-pages with heavy content (i.e. those which include multimedia, Flash and animated graphics).
  • Solid security and safety. The browser includes all the features common for current version of Chrome browser. Among them is incognito mode, which doesn’t save browsing history, info entered in forms, site and cookies data. As a conclusion, other people who use the same device won’t see your recent activity online. Another app’s prerogative is built-in Safe browsing component, which affords robust protection from phishing, malware and harmful scripts. When browser is loaded for the first time, during first 5 minutes it downloads the base definitions of harmful and fraud sites, which are updated after each 30 minutes. At the same time, none of personal user data is being sent to Google.
  • Ultra reliability and stability. To increase Chromium stability, multi-CPU architecture was selected. Browser, rendering engine, extensions, additional modules are all working in distinctive processes. Thus, if any of the extensions is crashed, the browser operability won’t be violated, and the user will obtain a notification about add-on malfunction and its reloading.
  • Full-scope support of graphical and media formats. Chromium maintains compliance with JPEG graphical images, PNG, GIF and XBM. The compatibility of audio and video containers is limited to free-based Ogv, Ogg, and WebM definitions, while AAC and MP3 are not supported.
  • Broad extensibility. In December 2008 Google announced the start of extensions implementation into the latest Chrome version. Chromium has become the test platform for the deployment of stable and beta add-on builds. Extensions are designed to severely enhance the existing featured part, integrate with various web-services and provide a range of other peculiarities. Using native API, the secure browser extensions can interact with bookmarks, context menus, tabs and other objects within the app.

You can get and set up Chromium from offline installer accessible on the corresponding page. After the app is downloaded and installed, run the launcher right from the Shell (in Linux) or Explorer (in Windows). The browser can also be easily upgraded from the Chromium web-browser configuration menu without downloading any packages.

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