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Chromium for MacOS is a desktop branch of a swift, efficient and comprehensive open-source Internet-browser, designed for Apple-made Mac computers and MacBook laptops. Chromium supports all the latest web-technologies and standards, and serves as a foundation platform for building other up-to-date browsers, such as Opera, Google Chrome, Torch Browser, Vivaldi and others. The app is available to download and install from this page by following the link.

Exclusive Chromium for Mac OS X features and tweaks

In fact, Chromium app is quite similar to Google Chrome project in functional and visual aspects. Thus, the options and possibilities of the program are inherited from this fabulous web-browser made by Google. Here is their brief review in details:

  • Solid, stable and robust engine, upon which the project is based on. Currently, the solution is built over the Blink engine source, which in April 2013 has finally replaced the outdated WebKit fork. The redesign has influenced the overall browser performance, stability and speed, and now it has become one of fastest web-browsers among all the rival software initiatives.
  • An elegant and modest visual gamma and GUI. The design and graphical interface of the solution totally conform the primary principles of contemporary browser layout: clearness, logic and flexibility in each element. Indeed, all the buttons are located precisely in those positions which they should be in, and different opportunities for adjustment of the menus and bookmarks’ panels shape can severely increase the Chromium user-base.
  • A secure and anonymous Incognito mode which lets the user surf without saving history, cookies and passwords for all accounts accessed. Definitely, it won’t save you from all kinds of hacker attacks, cyber intrusions and leaks of private data to third-parties. However, for some cases, the embedded Incognito mode can bring much profit, especially if you combine its usage with the VPN service application.
  • High extensibility. If you log in to Chrome Web Store, you can encounter with thousands of plugins for any taste and style, from password managers and ad-blockers to foreign language grammar guides and visual customization extensions of your Chromium instance. 99% of the add-ons are available absolutely for free, so just try to look closer at the wide range of the suggestions, and you will definitely find something suitable and worthy.
  • A chance to select the theme or skin of your browser instance. All the themes are available within the Chrome Web Store, so just log in to your Google account, visit the store page and choose the skin you like the most. New options are added each day, and all of them are made with attention to details and minor elements.
  • Syncing of your Chromium with Google account that grants a solution to transfer all the same set of settings, bookmarks and add-ons installed to another individual desktop or mobile device. This particular option assists to instantly switch between any of your devices with Chromium installed on them without prolonged reinstallations and setting up.
  • Flexible ecosystem of major Chromium updates and their application to the working environment. The consistent updates are released monthly, simultaneously with Chrome browser branch. Hereby, don’t forget to check for the new builds on the official project site.

Currently Chromium is one of the most affordable selections for Mac computers, as it sustains even the heavy traffic loads on devices with medium performance and hardware requirements. Give it a try, and it will win your heart.

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