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Chromium for Windows is a PC-version of the popular open-source browser, which is developed by The Chromium Authors community, Google company and some other enterprises (NVIDIA, Opera Software, Yandex, etc.) and is distributed under Apache and partially BSD license. Primarily, Chromium was designed to offer users robust, safe and reliable access to Internet, as well as to provide a comfortable platform for web-applications. The solution has been used as an original foundation for other alternative browsers, such as Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and others. Chromium browser for PC is available for download from the corresponding link on this page.

The tweaks and features of the Chromium app

Here is a review of the individual browser possibilities and opportunities, which make Chromium an undisputed leader in speed, stability and productivity among the other top browsing solutions available on the software market:

  • A robust and fluent engine, which serves as a fundamental basis for the solution as a whole. As a source, the Blink engine has been used after a thorough investigation of other browser engines. The source engine of the project has been considerably refined and enhanced from the original WebKit platform to Blink afterwards.
  • Splendid safety, security and protection from keyloggers, trojans and hacker attacks. As the source code of the software initiative is open-based, it is incredibly hard to find vulnerabilities in the browser code. Moreover, the developer motivates the regular users to search for weak spots in the source code of the project and promotes them with solid financial expenses in case they encountered something. Thus, everyone’s happy: the users are looking for for bugs, while the developers get a reliable, steady and secured browser project.
  • Full-scale support of web-specifications. Desktop and mobile Chromium branches are differentiated by enhanced compatibility with HTMl 5.0, HTML 4.01, xHTML 1.0 (2nd edition), CSS3, XML 1.0 (4th edition), Web SQL Database, WebGL, SVG fonts, SVG SMIL animation, ECMAScript, MathML, and DOM. More standards are still on the way of implementation. A few words should be said about the broad compliance with formats and extensions. The program is entirely compliant with a wide range of graphical (XBM, GIF, PNG, JPEG, WebP), audio (OGG) and video (OGV and WebM) containers.
  • Magnificent scale of extensibility. Chromium maintains integration with a huge variety of plugins from Chrome Web Store, most of which are available for free. Sure, the same extension market is applicable to other browsers built over the project base.
  • Personalization and selection of visual themes (skins). Thousands of absolutely unique graphical themes can be applied to Chromium interface. Each day new items are added to theme market, while all of them are also entirely free and simple to apply.
  • Syncing. Chromium can be synchronized with Google account. In this case, all settings, bookmarks, extensions and themes are transferred to the new browser instance in a flexible and convenient way. You can sync the PC version of the browser with any other desktop branch of the project (Linux or macOS) or sync the apps in the opposite way.

Chromium browser for PC is an ultra-scalable, flexible and efficient solution for browsing the web from a stationary computer or a portable laptop with great comfort and joy. Customizable interface and adjustable visual gamma is definitely a plus, while the rest of the bonus features would also serve you at their best.

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Chromium for Windows 10 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Chromium for Windows 8 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Chromium for Windows 7 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Chromium for Windows is available for free download without registration
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