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Google Chrome is the best browser in many aspects: speed, convenience, customization, security, visual interface.

By September 2018, Chrome is used by 300 millions users worldwide, what makes it also the most popular web solution all over the world. The market share of the product equals 60.6% at the moment. The Chrome package is distributed either as standalone offline installer or as standard web version, which gets and downloads the install files from the official server during the setup routine. You can install Google Chrome right from the current page.

Review of essential Google Chrome project peculiarities and features

  • Incredibly productive Blink processing engine for loading pages. The engine is differentiated by high level of scalability, solid stable structure and ultra-fast operating mode.
  • Easy for comprehension, minimalistic interface with flexible customization system. The main advantages of Chrome UI in comparison with other browsing solutions are fully configurable quick access page, comfortable allocation of multiple interface elements and instant access to Favorites toolbar.
  • Wide range of extensions and add-ons available in the Chrome web store. You can find extensions for any taste: from ads-free components (that block pop-up forms and notifications and modules that remember all passwords you enter and store them in secure and reliable location) to exclusive Google services, such as Google Translate and Google Calendar, screen capturing and messaging.
  • A chance to sync all of the app settings, favorites and quick access page with official server. After you log in to Google account, you are afforded a way to sync, and afterwards, when you run Chrome from any location and access your account again, you get all the same, original set of bookmarks and latest add-on versions installed.
  • Advanced security capabilities. Among them are exclusive incognito mode that doesn’t save your browsing history, site data and cookies, info entered in forms. If you run the application from remote machine and don’t want to leave any traces of your surfing, the incognito mode will appear quite handy. Moreover, after you clean your Chrome from cookies, cache and history, you get absolutely new, fresh browser instance.
  • Frequent developer updates with enhanced support of HTML5, CSS and other actual Internet standards that serve to facilitate the interaction between the client and the server and optimize the visual view of the web-pages displayed within the navigator. The updates can be installed totally for free and are released each month constantly. You can install either final builds, already thoroughly tested and deployed formerly, or recent ones that may still contain some bugs and be unstable but include some brand new features still not implemented in the final check-in.
  • Full cross-platform compatibility of the software tool with all up-to-date desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS) environments. The versions for for all the mentioned platforms can work and sync with the same Google account, you just need to make some preliminary set up in order to provide their seamless integration.

Chrome confidently holds the leading position in popularity and browser applications among the whole user community worldwide, and this situation is not going to change in the forthcoming years. Google has made a lot of efforts to make their project robustly fast, stable and good-looking. Thus, the company is reaping the fruits of their labours, just polishing the new versions of the app, improving the consistency with latest web-standards and fixing bugs. New features are also anticipated. If you want to have your own opinion about Chrome, you can download it directly from this page.

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