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Google Chrome for Windows is, perhaps, the most popular web browser in the world. Many of the Windows based desktop computers have it installed, and Windows takes about 88% of the OS market. No wonder that this fast, convenient and absolutely free solution has become so widely used. According to the researches, users look for the Chrome download for PC first of all when they get the new computer, and this is the first custom application downloaded and installed by them, no matter if that is a Windows-based machine or some other OS, as this browser is the cross-platform solution.

Note that you need minimum Windows 7 to install and operate this browser, preferably higher versions of the OS — Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

The stable latest version is always provided for free. You can download Chrome for Windows from the Web when you install or reinstall it, and this software is upgraded to the new version automatically, and the development team quickly tracks all bugs. New updates are with bug fixes and enhancements are issued regularly.

This browser has a plain minimalistic interface which is not overloaded by elements.

Main advantages of Google Chrome for Windows browser

  • One Google account (the Gmail address) is used for all other Google services with direct access from Google Chrome. There is no need to log in separately into any other resource like Google Drive, Calendar or YouTube if you are already logged into this browser and use it to get to those services.
  • All Google Chrome data are fully synchronized between several locations. For example, if you install this application on a new standalone Windows computer or laptop and log in to your account, you will at once get all your bookmarks, history and even saved passwords on that new machine. Same goes to the mobile Chrome apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Advanced settings menu for customizing the search and viewing options, the look and languages and also managing bookmarks, passwords and payments.
  • Apps store with many add-ons. After you download Chrome for PC, you can enhance its functionality by adding different apps to perform tasks which you need.
  • New resources are viewed in separate tabs which can be turned into separate windows — hold the tab with a mouse and move it to part from the main area. For each tab, a separate process is launched, thus, in case there are some troubles with one of the websites, it is not needed to close the browser, closing that problematic tab is enough.
  • Secured Incognito mode. During the web surfing in this mode, the sites visited will not be remembered, passwords will not be saved and any cookies will be deleted automatically after the user closes the Incognito tab. Google Chrome supports both usual and Incognito tabs simultaneously, so the user can view some resources in that secured mode and check others in the usual mode.
  • Easy deleting of cookies, cache and browsing history. The option is provided in the main menu of the application and the user can choose which exactly items to delete permanently.
  • Built-in Flash Player and PDF viewer. There is no need to have separate plugins for Windows in order to view a flash video or read PDF files, these tasks can be performed by Google Chrome browser.
  • Built-in Translation tool. The current Google Chrome version will translate pages in foreign languages directly in the browser. The user can adjust these settings and cancel the translation of certain languages.

The main concern which is constantly raised in discussion is that the developers use this browser to gather their clients’ information in order to show them advertisements. Incognito mode is useful for those ones valuing their privacy.

The browser consumes much resource while working with many tabs open at the same time. The solution would be limiting the number of simultaneously active tabs — this number would depend on the exact desktop computer and its resources.

Bookmarks and shortcuts in Google Chrome for Windows

There are two options for quick access to the definite resources.

Bookmarks pane is located by default under the address/search field and can be disabled in the main settings window. It can contain as many items as you wish, though a limited number of them can be shown — the rest will be hidden. A new bookmark is created with one click on the star icon in the address bar, the bookmarks manager allows sorting these items and keeping them in separate folders.

Shortcuts are the small widgets of the recently viewed websites shown on the blank start page. There can be up to 10 such widgets. The user can change them and add their own addresses to access the necessary resources quickly.

For a desktop user in need of a simple, fast and accurate solution for web surfing, it would be perfect to download Chrome for Windows computer — the browser will do its tasks. Besides, the user will get access to other useful resources offered by this provider, and thanks to the full synchronization, one can always restore all the data saved in this application even if some troubles happen with the standalone desktop or laptop.

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