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Google Chrome for Android is the most popular mobile browser, and the reason is not only that it is the predefined system browser on Android smartphones and tablets. It is a completely free, fast and convenient solution for web surfing, which kept the main advantages of the popular desktop Chrome version and also added some more useful options. If you don't have this browser already installed on your mobile device, the latest version of the Chrome download for Android is always available at Google Play for free.

Let's have a closer look at the interface and functionality of this mobile browser.

The interface of Google Chrome for Android

The mobile Android version of the Chrome browser is similar to the desktop software with its “neat and simple” approach. When you download Google Chrome for cell phone or your tablet, or open the already present system browser, you'll see the ascetic home page with an omnibox (the address field is also the search field). The main menu of the browser is located at the top-right corner of the window, all the necessary options are available there. Navigation back and forward is performed with the Android phone's own means.

Here the main criticism of Google Chrome browser for Android (and its desktop versions too) lies, as the owners of this browser gather the user's information and offer ads and such suggested contents basing on the previous searches and visits of websites. However, the mobile Chrome for Android version supports the Incognito mode, so you can use it to protect your personal web surfing preferences.

Main advantages of Google Chrome for Android

  • One Google account for all its products allows full synchronization between the Chrome browsers installed on several computers. You will always get all your bookmarks, settings, passwords and history on the desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Also, the same account is used for all Google services, and the access to them is provided from within this browser. For example, you can get to your mails, Google Drive or YouTube with your personal settings without the necessity to log in separately.
  • The Recent tabs option in the menu defines which pages were recently viewed on which device. This feature is useful for those ones who need quick access to some resources from a different machine. For example, one can start reading some information on a page while being at the PC, and then continue reading the same page on the smartphone with the Chrome for Android browser. It won't be needed to scroll through the whole history — the URLs will be conveniently gathered and sorted.
  • The Data Saver option allows up to 60% economy of traffic thanks to the special compression mechanism. The pages won't lose anything in quality, however, they will weigh less. By default, this option is disabled, however, it can easily be activated in the Settings menu in the Advanced section.
  • Supporting several tabs at the same time, like in the desktop version. You can view different resources in those separate tabs, and both the standard and Incognito modes can be used at the same time in the neighboring tabs.
  • Quick adding of bookmarks for the necessary pages and a convenient bookmarks manager.
  • Direct automated translation of pages in foreign languages right in the browser's window. Besides, dictionaries are integrated into Google Chrome for Android, too. An additional menu is produced for a highlighted word or phrase with the option to use dictionaries to get the meaning of that text element.
  • Regular updates — all the bugs and cases of malfunction are quickly tracked and fixed, besides, the app constantly receives functionality enhancements and is updated in the background.

If you need a fast, powerful and practical solution for web surfing while you are using an Android phone or tablet, download Google Chrome for cell phone at Google Play, install this application and use its full functionality.

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