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Google Chrome for Linux is a distinctive version of the most popular universal web-browser from Google for Ubuntu operating system. Google Chrome is designed with accent on high speed, responsiveness and clear, logical interface. Currently the browser holds the first position among the quantity of users that are surfing the web from mobile or desktop device as well as on market share with indicator of 60.6%. If you want to install browser on your Linux environment, you need to download Chrome for Linux from web, as it is not included into the internal Ubuntu repository and is not accessible from the package manager to get by default.

Exclusive capabilities of Chrome for Linux

Below we tried to highlight the most important app options and features:

  • Stable and effective source Blink engine, which makes the pages load much faster and guarantee the correct visual view of content on any device, as it was intended by the web-developer. On Linux platform, all the advantages of the engine are notable once after you log in: there are no delays or freezes in browser operating mode.
  • Intuitive and amicable GUI. Due to enriched opportunities for visual customization and application of custom graphical themes, your browser can look good in thousands of shapes, giving you a tremendous variety of options for tuning the visuals.
  • Enhanced protection from malware, keyloggers and viruses. The special Incognito mode provides a way to browse privately so that other people who use this device won’t see your activity online. While surfing, the data entered in forms, site information, cookies and browsing history are not saved. Chrome includes built-in blocker of pop-up forms and notifications, which is turned on by default.
  • Thousands of free extensions and add-ons available to download from Extensions Web-Store — the general storage location of all the applicable plugins. You can find tools for any targets: dashboards, instant logging in to mail accounts, watching YouTube and Vimeo videos offline, custom cursors, automatic toggling between day and night modes depending on the current time and much more.
  • A way to sync all the devices you use locally or remotely. After your Chrome is synced, you can access the browser from any location and gadget, either desktop (PC, macOS) or mobile (iOS, Android). After successful logging in to Google account, you obtain the same set of bookmarks and navigator settings, and when you quit, all the changes are also done to the cloud. Thus, you will always work with the same things.
  • Intelligent navigator behaviour. If you are going to close the app, next time you run Chrome, all the tabs will be precisely on the same location and order as you left them.
  • A chance to turn on the automatic pages translation on over 60 worldwide speaking forms and languages. This feature is enabled via Chrome plugin, downloadable from the Google Web-Store. The module is constantly updated. Hereby, new languages are added and already existing are enhanced and refined with the latest upgrades.
  • Internal PDF-reader. While you are opening a PDF, the document is being viewed directly from the browser tab, without any auxiliary modules or components. Sure, you can find the external reader in the web, but the existing solution is too stable and good to get rid of it.

Chrome is definitely able to surprize you with its flexibility, intelligence and visual gamma. Download Chrome for Ubuntu from this page and get ready to be surprised.

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