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Google Chrome for macOS is a stunningly fast, stable and nice-looking web-browser from the universal leader or IT industry. Chrome combines effective usability, solid reliability and spectacular visuals in a single solution available for download for free from the following page and for the installing on your MacBook or Mac. The program tool is distributed in 2 package versions: as standalone offline installer and as online web-installer that connects to the official mirror and obtains the setup files from the server. Hereby, you can download Chrome for Mac via any of the suggested ways.

General Google Chrome for OS X abilities and opportunities

Here are the highlights of the app options:

  • Reliable and ultra-stable Blink engine, upon which the Google Chrome program operates. Due to high optimization and efficiency of the processing engine, the browser works incredibly fluently and efficiently on Apple environment.
  • Wide variety of customizable and configurable elements, thanks to which you may adapt the laptop or computer version of the application according to your current needs and requirements.
  • Flexible, cozy and user-friendly interface. Instant access to bookmarks and settings affords a way to execute the relevant actions in a few instants, while easy-to-navigate quick access panel gives a momentum access to the most widely used resources.
  • Broad range of the latest browser extensions and add-ons available within Google Chrome web-store that allow to considerably enhance the basic featured capabilities. Anyone can find the new external plugins following his personal preferences and tastes: cloud storages, notifications management, desktop cleaning and optimization, immediate access to mailbox right from the toolbar, learning the grammar of foreign languages — the spectrum of abilities is enormous.
  • Full compatibility of Google Chrome with all the latest web-standards and platforms. The web-developers give a perfect app for testing the website projects design and layout, while the ordinary users are guaranteed to gain the full experience to see exactly what the developers suggested to do and implement. Due to constant upgrades of Google Chrome, you can be confident that as long as current version of HTML or JS is supported by the browser, your site would correspond to actual market expectations.
  • Enhanced protection from pop-up forms, notifications and trojans. Thanks to built-in into Google Chrome security components, you are always aware when the portal you attend is potentially capable to harm your data or personal info. The embedded Incognito mode provides a chance to surf through the web without saving information entered in forms, site data and cookies, browsing history. If you decide to get rid of cookies, cache and temporary browsing files, you won’t leave any traces from your web-surfing at all.
  • Frequent updates of the Google Chrome app. The changes are applied on all desktop and mobile platforms simultaneously. If you want to get new upgrades sooner than anybody else, you can subscribe to beta testing and download the new builds as soon as they are checked into repository. It is worth to know that Google announced substantial financial rewards to the beta-testers who found new bugs and reported about them to the official developer’s channel.
  • Full cross-platform compliance with all modern operating systems and devices: PC, Linux, Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.

Thanks to constant optimization of the source code and adaptation to modern standards and ecosystems, this browser software from Google enterprise has become one of the most successful projects available nowadays. If you want to get Google Chrome and download it on your Mac, use the link on the current page.

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Google Chrome for MacOS is available for free download without registration
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