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Google Chrome for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Google Chrome for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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Google Chrome for iOS is considered to be one of the fastest and most convenient browsers. Due to its amazing flexibility and outstanding interface, the browser can be used on a wide range of devices with different operating systems. That is why, if you are looking for a handy alternative to your Safari browser, Chrome might be the greatest choice. Chrome iOS download is completely free and will require just a few moments to install on your iPhone or iPad.

What are the differences between Chrome and Safari?

Chrome is a convenient app that has lots of similarities with Safari that is embedded in all Apple devices. However, it is tied to the Google environment and your Google account. It offers the same number of features as its iOS analog, such as saving bookmarks, creating reading lists and links sharing. That is why you are not likely to feel uncomfortable for using the new browser since all the needed functions are available right at your hands.

What makes Google browser different? It is amazingly intuitive and superfast, making your browsing smooth and easy. Furthermore, it has a number of benefits you should definitely know.

Main advantages of Google Chrome (compared to Safari)

  • Flexibility. In case you need all your browser’s bookmarks, autofill options and reading lists available on different devices, you can easily get all the needed data. Download Chrome for iPhone or iPad, sign in to your Google Account and let your browser sync across gadgets.
  • Convenience. Unlike Safari settings located in two menus, Google browser has all its settings collected in a single spot. There is no need to go to your phone’s settings or leave the app to optimize your browsing preferences.
  • Speed. Google browser is faster than Safari. If you often need to collect some information ASAP, Chrome will surely become a better option.
  • Costs. The app can be downloaded for free and doesn’t require any regular payments. All its basic features and options can be used for no charges.
  • Incognito mode. If you take care of your privacy, you can use incognito browsing that will not save any files, cookies or images. In other words, you will be able to search online without leaving a single trace.
  • Customization. Chrome has countless themes and extensions that will surely suit the tastes of even the most demanding users. Moreover, you can create a unique theme by yourself.
  • Compatibility. The utility meets all the web standards, including Flash and HTML5. It is also able to open PDF documents with its own viewer. No need to install additional plugins or tools, Google browser will take care of everything you need.
  • Safety. The program values the user’s security. It automatically filters suspicious pages as well as opens each page on the tabs separately. This way, in case one page suddenly crashes, your browser will not get closed.
  • Omnibox. Omnibox is a single field for browsing and web addresses. The quick start page offered by the app allows having quick access to all your favorite websites.

However, Chrome has also certain downsides. Unlike Safari, it can’t be set as the default browser in your mobile phone. For example, if you open the link from your email, it will be automatically downloaded in Safari. Not to mention, Apple Pay is also limited to the iOS embedded browser.

You can download Chrome for iPad or iPhone in just a few seconds and try one of the best browsers in the world immediately.

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iPhone, iPad
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WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Google Chrome for iOS (iPhone/iPad) is available for free download without registration
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