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Microsoft Edge is a new, free browser from the leader of universal IT industry. Microsoft Edge is a component of Windows 10 starter package, and originally it was designed to replace Internet Explorer in the latest Microsoft OS versions. However, in Windows 10 Edge is standing in a row with IE Explorer, which has been left in order to provide the backward compatibility with earlier corporate web-projects. You can install Microsoft Edge within a couple of clicks.

Microsoft Edge: options and opportunities

Below we summarized all the app’s features and abilities, which can leverage the user choice to its side:

  • The software product works on a unified platform common for all Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (previously Windows Phone) and XBox devices. Thus, you may seamlessly switch between all of these gadgets and sync the browser bookmarks and settings across the consoles, smartphones and PCs from Microsoft.
  • The unified Hub, which stores all downloads, browsing history, reading list and favorites — a sidebar that has a functionality similar to Firefox Library, Internet Explorer’s Favorites Center and Downloads manager.
  • Tightly integrated Adobe Flash Player and PDF reader.
  • Compliance with Microsoft online platforms to provide dynamic information related to searches within the address bar, search functionality and voice control.
  • A vivid way to make annotations to web-pages that can be shared and stored on OneDrive. However, you can’t save HTML pages for offline browsing.
  • Full integration with the Reading List feature. Moreover, browser covers Reading mode that displays formatting in stripped view in order to make their legibility clearer.
  • Compatibility with sufficient assortment of extensions. Despite the fact that their quantity is inferior to Chrome and Firefox, its number is still growing and becomes available in Microsoft Store once after release.
  • Application of stylus — a possibility to make notes and drawings on the web-pages and share them to the community.
  • Cortana voice assistant. With Cortana, the user may get the actual data about the current or custom location, create a reminder, view traffic conditions. When some textual data is selected, Cortana identifies the selected data type and, depending on the result, offers relevant solutions. For instance, when phone number is selected, Edge suggests to make a phone call. Although currently only commands in English are supported, the developers promise to increase the number of compatible languages in the nearest future.
  • A chance to authorize in applications and Internet sites via Windows Hello — Biometric Authentication System.
  • Brand new browser engine and jаvascript interpreter were originally designed and implemented for Edge — EdgeHTML and Chakra. However, the developer announced that Edge project will be ported to Chromium engine instead.
  • In case you encounter an unknown word in foreign language, select it, and its meaning will instantly be displayed in a pop-up form of offline dictionary. There is no need to click the right button of the mouse.

Currently you can find both standalone offline installer or special package to download and update the Edge instance already installed on your Windows 10. Also Edge is included into recent major Windows 10 upgrades: Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update and later releases. After you set up the upgrade from the Windows 10 Update manager, the current version of the browser becomes available by default. If you got interested in Microsoft Edge and want to download its actual build, you are free to do so directly from this page.

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