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Microsoft Edge for Android
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Microsoft Edge for Android is a modern and convenient program for browsing on your Android smartphone or tablet. The application has been developed for mobile devices and will perfectly fit any kind of Android-operated gadget. The browser is amazingly easy to download and install on your device and doesn’t need any third-party apps for setting up.

Microsoft Edge Android download is available on our website for free.

Microsoft Edge for Android: main features

  • Excellent interface. The app looks fresh and up-to-date, providing an unforgettable user experience. The program has a classic look, where all the buttons and settings are placed in a handy way. The tool will surely suit those users, who value standard browsers with a convenient design.
  • Speed. Microsoft Edge can boast of having the same browsing speed as its main competitors, like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The web pages are downloaded exceptionally fast — even the heaviest websites can open in a blink of an eye.
  • Adblocker. Most users get annoyed with tons of ads they usually see during browsing. However, the Microsoft browser is able to block most kinds of modern advertising banners and pop-up windows.
  • Modes. A specially developed reading mode is designed for long-read pages and will make your browsing even more comfortable. Take care of your eyes using Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Ability to save passwords and login names. Now you can easily access your favorite websites using a great feature that allows storing logins and passwords in a safe and practical way.
  • Voice and camera search. Now you can boost your browsing speed and find all the required information with no need to type your query.
  • Synchronization. Feel free to sync your browser across various devices. Now you can continue your search and use the same bookmarks and favorites in different gadgets, including PC, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet (Microsoft Edge is a flexible app that is available for devices with different operating systems).
  • Customization. You can easily manage your browser according to personal needs and taste. Add your most visited or interesting websites to an easy access panel, use themes and change fonts to make your tool look unique.
  • Private tabs. Most users take care of their privacy online. Using private tabs, you can surf on the web without leaving any traces. This way, neither your history nor cookies will not be saved on the device.

All in all, Microsoft Edge is a really great and simple app that will suit the preferences of even the most demanding users.

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80 MB
Mobile phone, tablet
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Microsoft Edge for Android Varies with device .apk Download
Microsoft Edge for Android is available for free download without registration
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