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Microsoft Edge for Windows is a classical browser for Windows-based laptops and PCsMicrosoft Edge for Windows is a classical browser for Windows-based laptops and PCs. The application is known worldwide and remains to be one of the most widely used utilities for browsing in the office and at home. Being incredibly convenient for working and playing, the browser has a universal interface that is easy-to-use and really understandable. Either you are an experienced user or the beginner in the advanced search online, you will surely enjoy using the latest version of the popular program.You have a unique opportunity to download Microsoft Edge for Windows to your machine for free. The file is already checked for viruses and malware and is completely safe for your PC.

The app’s version provided on our website is full and contains all the needed packages for easy and speedy installation on your computer. You don’t need to get any new or additional software to start using the tool. Just download the app and follow the instructions of the wizard to set it up on your laptop or PC. Note: with the freshest release available on our website, you can also update the earlier version of Microsoft browser installed on your machine.

The advantages of Microsoft Edge for PC

  • Outstanding speed. Your Windows operating system and Edge browser will perfectly fit each other. The matter is that these tools are products of Microsoft Corporation, so their combination will bring you the best performance and excellent compatibility. Furthermore, according to speed tests, the Microsoft browser is faster than its major competitors.
  • Digital assistance. Cortana, the program's digital assistant, offers a brand new way of getting help for better search online. When you want to ask Cortana about certain page features or options, just highlight and right-click the needed blocks of text. You can also launch it from your desktop: in case it's a web-related query, it will open up in a browser as well.
  • Convenient design. The application offers a classical interface with all the important and widely used menus available at hand. You won’t get lost in the advanced settings, as it often happens with similar programs — the tool has a perfect structure, where every utility is placed in an advantageous way.
  • Bookmarks and tabs. If you often use bookmarks, you will surely enjoy the way they are presented on Edge. Feel free to manage your bookmarks in any way you like: add, organize or delete your favorite options in a single click.
  • Reading support. The app has a special reading mode designed for those, who value top-notch and easy-to-read content. You can find an appropriate button close to your searching panel.

You can download Microsoft Edge for PC and benefit from the app’s top-notch design and premium performance for free right now.

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Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Microsoft Edge for Windows 8 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Microsoft Edge for Windows is available for free download without registration
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