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Mozilla Firefox, or Quantum, is a free configurable browser of the latest generation designed for any types of desktop or mobile devices. You can find 2 versions of the software package in the Internet: standalone offline installer and light, online setup program downloadable from the official Firefox servers. The project is maintained and supported by Mozilla Foundation — a non-profit organization that serves to collectively lead the open-source Mozilla Firefox initiative. You can download the tool directly from the page dedicated to the platform.

Review of the most vital Mozilla Firefox app capabilities

Firefox application is distinctive due to a range of important features and options applicable to the program:

  • Quick load of the pages. Thanks to stable and efficient Gecko engine, all the web-resources are displayed absolutely correctly, disregarding of the development language they were written on and technologies they are based upon.
  • Support of any tabs operations, their management, reorganization and storage. When browser is closed, Firefox remembers the precise location, order and content of all the opened tabs and restores them in the appropriate shape after consequent run.
  • Convenient bookmarks toolbar, site labels and library that contains all the primary objects embedded: history, downloads, synced tabs, screenshots. New layout of the toolbar panel considerably facilitates the control over the essential objects and optimizes the workflow.
  • Cozy password manager. When a new password is typed in, Firefox suggests to save it in the secured location to skip this phase when you visit the same website next time.
  • An opportunity to customize and personalize the toolbar panel. In the latest version of the navigator, you can entirely configure the visual representation of the toolbar, its position on top or below the content viewing area, and add new icons to it.
  • Enhanced protection from malware, trojans and ads. The recent actual version of the tool includes several features that prevent the ad banners. remove cookies, erase viewing history, identify the invisible elements that collect personal user data, etc.
  • In the add-ons store, you can find thousands of useful and handy extensions that severely upgrade your user experience and optimize your current business-processes: efficient search within any engine, flexible switch of definition from 480p to Full HD while viewing YouTube and Vimeo files, ultimate screen capturing, instant translation between any of the universal languages and dialects, protection of your vision by changing background color from lighting white to more eye-friendly tint (grey, olive, yellow, green) and more. All of the plugins are available to download and install for free, while the instruction of their applications are represented on the corresponding extension page within the market
  • Syncing of all the bookmarks with the cloud storage. When the user gains access to the browser from a new location, after logging in to Firefox account, he instantly receives all of the bookmarks and app settings, which are stored on the server. Thus, you can instantly switch between any of the desktop and mobile devices and use Firefox Quantum from anywhere.
  • Exclusive Private Browsing module that affords a way to surf without saving visited pages, temporary files, cookies and searches. With such an approach, it is much harder for admin or authorities to follow what sites you have visited and what operations you managed to execute on PC, laptop, phone or tablet. Moreover, private windows automatically block the most of online trackers, that gather info about your browsing behaviour.

As you have definitely noticed, Firefox will suit for both IT-rookies and pro-users. Each of the categories will find something fit and worthy for their tastes. If you want to have a personal look at Firefox browser, you can download it from the corresponding page.

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