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Firefox for Android is a free, fast and powerful solution for web surfing on mobile phones and tablets. Mozilla Firefox was always loved by many users, though the first place among the mobile browsers belonged to Google Chrome. However, the latest version of the mobile Firefox browser is a really strong competitor which can outplay Chrome in many aspects.

The new Firefox Quantum app has three pillars it leans on, which are the overall performance quality, the privacy and the personalization. It really matters for a user how fast the browser is. No less important is how the software looks and how convenient it is for a user to work with.

The interface of Firefox Quantum for Android

When you download Firefox for Android and install it on your phone or a tablet, you will see its new interface right away. According to the current UI trends, this mobile browser looks plain and simple: the address field, the tabs icon (the Quantum version supports multiple tabs on Android devices, too) and the main menu icon.

Main advantages of the Firefox Quantum for Android

  • Enhanced overall performance. It's become possible due to the optimization of the Mozilla rendering engine called Gecko. Improvement took place in regards to the multi-core CPU support, as modern Android mobile phones and tablets are multi-core, and this should be taken into consideration. It also got the new component, the Stylo CSS engine. Thanks to these two factors, the latest version performance and its interface elements reaction became much faster. Besides, the app uses significantly less memory which helps both the speed and multiple tabs support.
  • Advanced privacy settings. Keeping user's privacy was always one of the main priorities of the Firefox browser, and the latest version for Android already has the built-in anti-tracking protection. Additional settings can be configured by a user, like automated rejection of trackers, private browsing where the search history is not recorded at all and automated clearing of all the data on exit.
  • Guest Sessions. It is an option available under Tools in the main menu which creates a separate new blank session without any access to the previously recorded history data, bookmarks, saved files etc. When this session is closed, all its data are deleted automatically. If you let someone borrow your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure that another person won't get access to your information in the browser, and that the history won't interfere into your settings and data management.
  • Customization of the browser with add-ons. After you download Firefox for Android, you can personalize its look and improve its functionality using extensions. For example, there are ads blockers, anti-virus and password managers and lots of other add-ons. You can change the look of the browser according to your tastes and set it to perform many tasks while working in the Internet. Firefox always used such added functionality in the desktop browser versions, and the mobile app for Android can use it as well having the biggest collection of such enhancements.
  • Regular updates with bug fixes and free version upgrades arriving automatically, and a high-quality technical support.

The mobile version does not have an option to import bookmarks and other data, like cookies and passwords from other mobile browsers. The user should create bookmarks and log in to accounts manually or use the feature of the data synchronization with the desktop version of this browser (a separate Firefox account is needed).

However, the mobile Firefox for Android tablet or smartphone is a modern browser with the functionality satisfying even very demanding users, especially if they are concerned about their web searches security. The download is available for free.

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