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Firefox for iOS is a popular browser developed by Mozilla, recently voted as the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. The application suits perfectly all kinds of modern Apple mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The utility has a simple and convenient interface will all the features of the modern browser available at hand. Firefox iOS download is offered for free with no need to pay any extra fees for additional features.

The app looks similar to your embedded Apple Safari browser but contains lots of advanced features, making the tool taking the number one position for online browsing through iOS devices. You can also have access to all your favorite websites, lists, and passwords using the browser’s sync feature.

The main advantages of Firefox for iOS

  • Pleasant interface. The app allows using drag-and-drop technology for arranging your bookmarks. All the menus and settings are located in a single place. So, unlike Safari, you can set up your browser in a single spot. Intuitive visual tabs let you find content for future reference incredibly easy. Furthermore, Firefox doesn’t lose track of the opened tabs no matter how many of them you have launched. Feel free to delete your history and cookies.

Note: you can download Firefox for iPhone and compare these two browsers to choose the best option for you.

  • Privacy. Mozilla Firefox offers a powerful feature of Private Browsing using Tracking Protection function. In this mode, the program will not remember the history of your browsing or store cookies, so you are able to search online without leaving any traces on your smartphone. However, you can add bookmarks that will be also available in regular mode. And even more great news here — you will not see most ads while using Private Browsing.
  • Speed. The app can boast of having superfast browsing. Furthermore, you can speed up your device even more with using Private Browsing that blocks most advertisements (you will see fewer blocks and get your websites loaded much faster).
  • Night mode. This mode is not available in your Safari browser. However, you can use this handy utility in your Firefox. The mode dims your display and makes reading at nights much easier. It can be easily switched on in the main menu, so you will find it effortlessly. If you are looking for a browser to read your favorite websites at night time and take care of your eyes, it is likely to become your number one choice. Furthermore, you can combine your iOS Night Shift and Firefox Night Mode for maximum effect.
  • Customization. Users can also choose which kind of search engine they would like to use by default. However, the app doesn’t support browser add-ons. This limitation is caused by Apple’s rules.

Firefox for iPad is quick and easy. It will take you just a few moments to start using the new browser on your device.

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iPhone, iPad
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WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Firefox for iOS is available for free download without registration
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