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Firefox for Linux (or Quantum after rebranding) is a top-notch free browser, second in the world by popularity after Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is available in most Linux editions by default, and Ubuntu is not an exception. Hereby, you don’t need to make any additional installations or setting up in order to make it work.

Exclusive Firefox for Ubuntu features

Firefox is rapidly conquering new horizons in the surfing and browsing areas, and here’s the explanation:

  • Ultra-reliable, solid and light Gecko engine, upon which the browser is based. The project perfectly handles massive overloads with tons of videos and animations on pages and a tremendous quantity of tabs opened even on outdated gadgets and devices, and engine takes a sustainable impact on that.
  • Highly responsive and intuitive interface that allows to execute all vital operations fluently and without any excessive manual efforts. All Firefox icons and GUI elements are made with tight attention to details and style.
  • Solid security and protection from trojans, keyloggers and spam. Automatic built-in blocker of pop-up windows saves your time from approval of blocking each ad-banner, while thorough tuning of settings also prevents notifications appearance.
  • Enormous range of additional components and plugins to be downloaded from the Add-Ons Store. The quantity already exceeds 20.000 of unique solutions, and that is not a limit. Intelligent multi-thread downloads, live translation of all the content from foreign languages to your native, reading RSS-feeds, vivid screen capturing, saving media-content, YouTube and other streaming services to local hard disk — this list can go on and on.
  • Syncing Firefox among all user gadgets and operational environments. While you are trying to access browser from remote location or new device, all your settings, search suggestions, bookmarks become instantly available from anywhere. You just need to log in to your user account, and here we go.
  • A chance to adjust the visual representation of the browser. This can be done by thousands of free skins or themes that you can get from the Firefox Extensions Store.
  • Full scaling of the pages displayed, maintaining the aspect ratio and proportions.
  • Private Browsing module lets you seamlessly surf in the web without leaving any traces for the admins and moderators online. While browsing, Firefox does not save visited pages, temporary files, cookies and searches. At the same time, the trackers, which monitor your activity across the network, are blocked so that they don’t collect info about your browsing behaviour. This module doesn’t offer the 100% guarantee that your activity won’t be traced, but for some cases, such an opportunity will be quite useful.
  • Handy password manager. Each time you type in a new password, Firefox lets you save it in a secure location so that you don’t have to repeat all the same steps next time you try to log in. Definitely, for reliability and maximum security, you may need a third-party plugin for Firefox (LastPass, for instance). However, for basic protection, the embedded mechanisms will be enough.
  • Automatic update of the browser, themes, plugins and language packages to the latest version.

The project is a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates convenience, high degree of protection and wide range of abilities for customization and visual tuning. Just have a look at Mozilla Firefox for Linux, download it on your computer and enjoy dozens of hours of pleasant and relaxed work in the web.

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Firefox for Linux is available for free download without registration
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