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Firefox for macOS (or Quantum) is a desktop version of flexible, fast, ultra-reliable and configurable web-browser designed specifically for Apple computers. In the Internet, Mozilla Firefox setup package for Macs is shared in the shape of offline installer, which is deployed without connection to the web. If you want to download Firefox for Mac or MacBook, you can get the free DMG file from the following page and install the latest version of the app right on your stationary device without any excessive manipulations.

Essential Firefox options and features

Here we summarize the important program feature that revamp the Firefox browser into a unique surfing solution for all user types:

  • Extravagant and stylish graphical UI that conforms to the latest principles in visual area and is rival with other masterpieces among the web-browser instances: Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.
  • Reliable and fast Gecko engine, upon which the browser relies. Due to high optimization of the source code and qualitative refinement of all the built-in components, all the pages are processed and opened with high speed, without notable lags and freezes.
  • Compliance with the latest web-standards and technologies. The user can be confident that the visual representation and interactive aspect of the web-content displayed totally satisfies the requirements from the developer side, while the web-master can test his new projects on Firefox platform seamlessly and smoothly.
  • One of the most enriched store of extensions and add-ons, which counts above 100.000 individual solutions and plugins. You can find tools for any purpose: from immediate access to interactive stickers, alerts and appearance to blocking of ads pop-up, communication and shopping. All the software tools are categorized on topics, also the search by the keywords is applicable.
  • The affordable way to customize the visual theme or skin of your browser, from primary icons to toolbar menus. The new updates are added daily to download.
  • Private Surfing mechanism that provides a chance to travel through the web without leaving any traces or spots. While the Private Browsing mode is activated, Firefox doesn’t save temporary file, cookies, searches and history. At the same time, the internal module automatically blocks most of the trackers that can collect data about your browsing behaviour online. In combination with ads, malware and keyloggers blocking, Firefox will resolve all the troublesome issues, which you formerly managed to overcome manually via third-party software solutions.
  • In the same way as Google Chrome, Firefox offers an opportunity to sync all of your bookmarks and settings with the cloud storage. When you change your location and are going to access browser from another device, after instant syncing you will receive all the same set of favorites and tunings that you executed formerly on your original device. Hereby, you can easily switch between any desktop (Windows, Linux) or mobile (Android, iOS) operating systems and devices.
  • Constant stable upgrades of the project released once a month. When a new version is checked into code repository and becomes available public, you don’t need to reinstall the browser — the updates can be downloaded and deployed over the previous build right through the primary app interface via single mouse click.

Firefox is the main competitor of Google Chrome. By the time of early 2019, it is the second browser in the world by popularity and is the first application by market share among the open-source software initiatives for web-surfing. If you decide to install Firefox on Mac, the principle is absolutely the same as you do with any other OS X program tools: just get the DMG file from this page, install it with a double click and copy the main app file to Applications folder.

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