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Firefox for Windows is one of the most popular and favorite browsers in the world. Though Mozilla Firefox had to yield the palm to Google Chrome (that browser won the battle because of its power and connection with other Google services), but it did a really great improvement job. Its latest version upgrade called Quantum is by all means a browser worth having a close look at.

The Firefox download for PC with Windows is available for free, get the offline installer on your desktop computer or a laptop and give this browser a try.

New Firefox Quantum for Windows interface

The home page comes with the latest UI trends: it is simple, ascetic, not overloaded by many elements, however, it provides the main options necessary to start the web surfing process: the address bar which is at the same time the search field, the icons to scroll the pages and Refresh the page and Home icons. This browser also offers more options which are launched by the icons in the right half area when the definite web page is loaded.

Main advantages of the Firefox Quantum for Windows

  • Main priority declared by the developers is the search security. Unlike its main rival Chrome, Firefox made the user's data protection in the Internet its main task. The anti-tracker and ads-blocking options are provided in this browser as a part of its code, there is no need to install any add-ons. There are flexible settings for the web surfing process on a Windows PC where any user can define which things and actions to permit or to forbid.
  • Speed of work. Thanks to the default ads and tracking blocking features and also the optimized work under multi-core processors environment, this browser can load web pages faster. In certain aspects, Firefox for Windows outworks Chrome, for example, when it deals with numerous tabs launched simultaneously. Firefox Quantum consumes less RAM, thus, it will keep its speed and smoothness longer on Windows computers.
  • Customization of the interface, search options and data saving history. Firefox for Windows always offered the possibility to personalize the interface of the browser according to each user's tastes. Quantum is not exclusion here. The setup of the home page includes the elements it would show by default, their number and order, the interface themes, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Data import from other browsers. Mozilla Firefox cannot provide direct access to Google services from one account, like Chrome does, however, it can import the data from Chrome (or other browsers) — bookmarks, passwords, cookies, history. In case you want to switch from Chrome and use Firefox on your Windows desktop or laptop instead, you can be completely sure that these important settings and data are safe in the new location.
  • Data synchronization between the browser instances on several standalone Windows computers and mobile devices. This will require creating a separate account for this product.
  • Numerous add-ons to perform additional tasks. They allow more personalization and increase functionality of the browser making it a powerful toolset for not only web surfing. For instance, Firefox Quantum for Windows can also serve as a tool for making screenshots and reading e-books.
  • Reader's mode for the web page will make it much more comfortable to read large text contents.
  • Built-in Pocket feature to save pages in order to read them later with one click.
  • Regular updates with bug fixes and enhancements and free version upgrades which arrive automatically. There is a possibility to view and track all the updates and upgrades history directly in the browser settings window.

One of the main advantages of the Windows version of this software can at the same time be its drawback. It is the customization option. In case you want to adjust the browser for yourself more than is set by default, it will take some time to view and get all the options available.

Also, you will need a separate account for the Firefox browser to synchronize the data between the browser builds on your desktop computers (there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile browser apps on smartphones and tablets. It is not a general account like Gmail or Microsoft, it will be a new ID, and you will need to log in separately.

Still, if you decide to download Firefox for Windows and use it on your desktop computer, you will receive more than just a convenient web browser. It is especially true for the current Quantum full version which is a powerful and multi-functional solution perfectly suitable for the work in the Internet.

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