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Opera Browser is a light, productive and flawless internet browser, which contains a mass of must-have components for surfers of any type. Opera is a profitable choice among many rival products such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you are looking for a efficacious, fast and safe web-navigator with free plugins and add-ons to download, try to install Opera — its latest version is ported on all comprehensive desktop platforms.

Advantages and perks of Opera Browser

Opera includes a variety of options and opportunities that diversify the project among the competitive applications for web-navigation:

  • Safe and secure browsing. Due to solid protection from frauds and malware, you gain full privacy and anonymity. If you need more of the protection, an embedded VPN module is up to your service.
  • Absolutely ad-free ecosystem. The software is a first major project that can block ads for your comfort without add-ons installed. The independent media tests claim that the embedded ad-blocker lets you load content-rich web-pages up to 90% faster than the concurrent programs.
  • Interactive visual bookmarks allow to instantly navigate to the requested page without a need to manually type in the frequently visited references. For multitask operability, the developers prepared some special new features, such as customizable shortcuts and tab cycling. For those who prefer mobile-like viewing of videos in distinct containers displayed, the exclusive video pop-out feature has been designed — a moveable, floating video frame that grants a way to work or keep browsing in other apps and not to miss any of the activity.
  • Several top-notch abilities, among which are data-compressing Opera Turbo engine and battery saver plugin, will assist you to browse online longer: they extend the laptop battery’s life by up to 50%.
  • Currency conversion component integrated and displayed right on your active tab. While you are making purchases on the auctions or networking stocks, the calculator will instantly reveal your resulted discount right onto your active browser tab.
  • Flexible customization and personalization of your browser. The current version of official Extension Shop counts above 1.000 of unique themes and plugins from the catalog to provide the best user experience in any circumstances. Via the animated themes, you can make your browser start page live and bright as never before.
  • The sync ability is not a new option for desktop or mobile browser users. Opera has not left away this chance and also offers a way to seamlessly switch between any of your devices without a need to transfer your settings, bookmarks and customize the visual view of Opera from scratch. Just set up the standalone app from the App Market or get the offline installer from the mirror and log in to your user account — that’s it, there is nothing else you are supposed to do. After a second or a couple you will receive all the same package of bookmarks and initial setup made formerly on your original device.
  • Reading news feeds directly from RSS aggregators. Moreover, you can add additional preferential news sources by a mouse click to integrate them directly into your active posts aggregator.

Opera is a unique software project that combines simplicity, personalization and fluence in everything it concerns. If you want to have a look at Opera tool, download the app from the corresponding platform page chosen among the suggested environments.

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