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Opera for Android is a mobile web-browser for tablets and phones with Android operating system on board. Opera is incredibly fast, reliable and scalable application for web-surfing online right from your mobile device without former excessive manual efforts. To install Opera on your mobile gadget, download the app for Android and enjoy hundreds of hours of pleasant time-spending. If you found out that the system requirements of your mobile device are insufficient for comfortable and cozy browsing, try to download light Opera Mini app from the Google Play store.

Exclusive features’ highlights of Opera for Android

The program is peculiar by some vital options, which we are going to describe in detail further:

  • Embedded ads-blocker, which allows to load pages faster and smoother. This feature has originally been designed for the desktop version of the browser. However, the mobile app also required such an opportunity, and we got it. Now you won’t see any annoying banners.
  • Personalized news feed. Totally new, revamped news feed, designed on the base of news engine with AI involvement, affords a way to pick the selection of news channels, which will be interesting specifically for you, subscribe to favorite topics and save articles for further reading. Stay in trend with the latest news, which are suggested following your personal areas of interest.
  • Toggling between day and night modes. Night mode contains settings of highlight that maintain convenience while reading in the darkness, reducing the pressure on eyes. Night mode can be easily turned on in main menu.
  • Password management and automatic filling of bank credit cards data. Each time you are requested to enter the password for an email account, messenger or cloud storage, Opera suggests to remember the password on per-site basis so that you don’t have to keep in mind any of the non-required data. This feature is especially useful if you have lots of active web-accounts or often make online-shopping.
  • Private viewing. On private tabs, you can easily access any of the web-sites without leaving any traces on your device. You can instantly navigate between ordinary and private tabs within the tabs gallery.
  • Comfortable reading on any screen. The Android browser contains setting up of text size that lets you adapt pages according to your preferences. What is important, it is perfectly harmonized with the feature of automatic text indentation. Hereby, with free Opera software, now it is even more comfortable to read from the mobile device screen.
  • Intuitive downloads management. Via the embedded downloads manager, you can sort downloaded file objects, share them, delete them from the phone memory or from the downloads list by left or right swipe. The features of background downloading is also supported. So, you can open and work with new apps without pausing the file download.
  • Gestures for quick access from the home screen. In the latest versions of Opera for Android (starting from 7.1 build and above), you can execute the most frequent actions, like start searching, open private tab or scan QR-code via special, formerly configured gestures. In order to create your own personal quick access gesture, make a long tap on Opera icon on the home screen of your device and then select the needed feature.
  • Cross-platform syncing of the custom devices with Opera access. All your bookmarks, Express panel pages and open tabs are now available on all of your devices with browser installed. The synchronization between Android and desktop machines is also maintained.

The developers have seamlessly ported all the crucial Opera capabilities into the mobile version of the browser. With recent updates on Android, even the gestures configuration and ads blocking have become available. If you want to have detailed look at the Opera application, download its version for mobile gadgets and check out the power and flexibility of this splendid project from Norwegian developers.

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