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Opera Mini for iOS
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Opera for iOS remains to be one of the best alternatives to your built-in Apple Safari browser. The program will please its users with extremely fast browsing, free VPN feature and tons of handy utilities to improve your surfing on the Internet. The app is suitable for both iPhones and iPads, so you can easily use it on both kinds of iOS devices.

Opera Portable is a mini version of your favorite desktop Opera used on PCs and laptops with different operating systems. Most users will surely enjoy the program’s sync feature that allows having all your bookmarks and news feed preferences accessible at all your devices. You can download Opera for iPhone or iPad and start using the browser immediately — the app’s installation process requires just a few moments before the program becomes completely ready-to-use. By the way, the tool is completely free to download and use and will not ask you for any additional payments.

Why most people choose Opera for iOS?

There is nothing new that Safari lacks plenty of features that any modern browser should have. Opera for iOS will surely become a better alternative for browsing on your mobile and here is why.

  • Speed. The most appealing app feature is its high speed. The matter is that it uses an innovative data-saving technology that can significantly reduce the loading time of your favorite websites. It optimizes pictures, video and text for superfast browsing.
  • Adblocker. Tired of tons of irrelevant or annoying ads? Just don’t let them slow your device down! Opera Mini with its built-in Adblocker will free your screen from pop-up windows and other kinds of advertisement.
  • Video boost. Now you don’t need to wait for minutes until your video loads. The app will reduce buffering and still keep your cellular data plan in check. Now all the videos are optimized for watching on your smartphone.
  • Savings. Keep a track on your data plan limits and learn more about how much you’ve saved while browsing and watching videos. Opera for iOS can help you to save your real money!
  • Interface. The app has a super convenient design will all the features available in a few taps. You can also collect and organize all your favorite websites, add bookmarks and customize your start page in any way you wish.
  • News. Opera is likely to be the only browser that can collect all important news for you in a handy news feed. Just specify your preferences and benefit from the app’s AI technology that will offer news exactly according to your needs.
  • QR codes. Now you can scan all the QR codes using your browser! Although it might sound miraculous, the feature is already embedded to your Opera Mini.
  • Night browsing. Take care of your eyes while reading at nights. The browser allows using a special night mode that will dim your screen.
  • Privacy. Use Private tabs for browsing without leaving a trace. Searching online has never been so safe!

Feel free to download Opera for iPad or iPhone and start browsing lightning fast using one of the greatest browsers ever!

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77.1 MB
iPhone, iPad
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WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Opera Mini for iOS is available for free download without registration
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