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Opera for Linux is the newest version of desktop Opera browser developed for Linux and Ubuntu users. The application attracts new users with its stable and easy-to-use environment, with lots of great features embedded by default. You can download Opera for Ubuntu in a few seconds and enjoy quality browsing right after easy installation. If you would like to know more about the main benefits of the popular web browser or still hesitate whether to start using the app, this article is right for you.

There is nothing new that Opera is one of the leading browsers worldwide, having a significant market share. What makes users choose the app among its analogs? Which unique features does the program offer to its customers? Find the answers to these questions and discover some secrets of Opera browser below.

Opera for Linux: the main advantages

  • Speed. Opera is an application with super high browsing speed. If you often need to search for something on the web quickly, or just hate waiting for minutes while your pages load, this browser will become the best choice.
  • Protection. The program takes care of your safety, offering the highest possible protection from malware and fraud. Now you don’t need to worry about being captured on a fishing website or face the online dangers — the app will protect you from the majority of issues.
  • VPN. The program offers free unlimited VPN feature. If you prefer even safer browsing without saving your history, VPN service is here to help! Searching online without being identified with your real IP address is possible with your favorite browser.
  • No ads. Tired of too many advertisements? Opera will block most ads for you. You don’t need to install any third-party add-ons to your app — the feature is already built-in. Not to mention, ads blocking will reduce the overall loading time of your web pages up to 90%. Sounds too miraculously? Opera for Linux is totally free!
  • Multitask. The new video pop-up feature offers a moveable video frame that can be placed anywhere on the screen of your PC. Feel free to browse or work along with watching videos online. Don’t miss any action!
  • Battery-friendly. The new app feature allows extending your battery life by up to 50%. Furthermore, with data compressing feature, you will be able to get more information before your laptop’s battery dries out.
  • Currency converter. Shop online with no need to convert the prices to your currency. The service has a handy currency converter — no more nasty surprises on credit card bill!
  • Synchronization. Sync browsing data easily! Opened tabs, bookmarks, typed history and bookmarks can be all available on different devices.
  • Personalization. Opera for Linux contains countless options for customization. Get free add-ons, animated themes and redesign your browser to meet all your needs.
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63.6 MB
Laptop (PC)
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)
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Opera for Linux x-32 bit, x-64 bit .deb Download
Opera for Linux is available for free download without registration
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