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Opera for macOS is a desktop branch of popular browser from Norwegian developers. Currently the browser holds the market share of about 3.0%, which makes it the fifth most popular browser all over the world. Despite the fact that such projects as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have excelled Opera in popularity and quantity of active devices with the corresponding software installed, the project is quite popular in European countries due to wide range of embedded additional tools that serve to make user’s life simpler and more productive. If you want to download Opera for Mac computer or MacBook, this particular page contains all corresponding web-links to use and apply properly.

Highlights of the most important Opera features

Here comes the review of the appreciated app options and hints:

  • Integrated pop-up blocker. In fact, the user can control whether he wants to view any pop-up forms displayed within the browser. By default, all pop-up forms are blocked and not visible on the per-site basis. Later the user can change the behaviour of pop-up forms at his discretion.
  • Mouse gestures. All the usual operations, such as navigation back, forward, opening a new tab, closing an active tab, and others can be executed by mouse click-and-drag methods.
  • Task and downloads manager. All downloading procedures can be ceased, paused and continued on the individual basis right from the web-browser interface.
  • VR headsets support. Opera for OS X, Windows and Linux has become the first desktop navigator compliant with 360-degree videos viewing and playing directly into virtual reality headsets.
  • An ability to switch between a wide selection of search engines. In addition, the user can apply aliases for quick access to the appropriate commerce site or search engine. Thus, if the user enters the “g donuts” into the address bar, the browser engine will automatically run Google and search for “donuts” keyword within its database. In the same way, “b” works for Bing, “y” - for “Yahoo Search” and “w” — for Wikipedia.
  • The exclusive Opera Turbo module. When this special mode is enabled, all the content sent to the user is formerly compressed with up to 80% ratio degree (not including HTTPS secure pages). Turbo mode affords a change to significantly reduce the quantity of traffic sent and received and is especially useful for slow Internet connections or when there is an actual restriction of costs depending of incoming and outcoming data transferred.
  • Wide range of auxiliary free extensions integrated into the browser. Like other up-to-date browsers, Opera has achieved its personal add-ons shop, where you can get thousands of bonus modules or update the already installed ones.
  • Password manager. Each time you type a password for a email, bank account or cloud storage, Opera suggests to remember the password when you access the same page next time. As a rule, such an opportunity is possible only after installation of other extensions, while Opera provides such an ability right away.
  • Built-in RSS aggregator, which combines up to 50 top news providers in a single feed.
  • Integrated mail client. You can attach any of the mail boxes to it and read all the incoming correspondence from several sources within a single form offline.
  • Adjustable and adaptable skins downloadable from the excessive market. These themes can entirely personalize the shape and the view of buttons, icons, toolbars and all UI components according to your preferences and tastes.

For the last several years, Opera has significantly improved its features gamma, UI and usability, and it’s not standing still. There’s more advancements to expect in the forthcoming years for Opera, so download the Mac version and get your own opinion from its vivid and bright perspective.

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