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Opera for Windows is a fast and fully functional, though somehow underrated modern internet browser worth more attention that it has now. Being one of the leaders of the world browser market, Opera lost its ground and gave place to stronger competitors like Chrome. However, its latest version for Windows computers is a highly functional and really user-friendly software for web surfing.

Before 2013 Opera used its own engine, later it switched to the WebKit engine, the same one which is used by Chrome. Thanks to this, Opera for Windows browser is compatible with many Chrome extensions. Both these add-ons and the offline installer of the Opera download for PC and laptops itself are available for free.

All modern browsers share certain common features from the must-have set, like the bookmarks and passwords managers, data synchronization between the software builds installed on the desktop/laptop and mobile devices or the data import from other browsers. However, each product also has some specific options to stand apart.

Closer look at the interface of Opera for Windows

After you download Opera for Windows and install it on your desktop PC, it will at once suggest you some bookmarks, shortcuts to web resources and news articles basing on your location. However, this can be changed: you can delete the resources you are not interested in and replace them by the pages useful for you. This can require a minute, however, you need to do that only once.

The Easy setup icon, located at the top-left corner of the Windows version of this browser, launches the quick settings menu to adjust the appearance of the application and configure main options. The main menu of the program is marked by the capital O letter and is located at the top-left corner.

Note that Opera for Windows is the browser with built-in instant messenger, by default there are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; Telegram and VK can be added, too.

The list of elements shown in the sidebar is customizable. By right-clicking on in, you can launch its own manager and view the full list of available elements to add or remove them. The sidebar itself can be hidden or moved to another area in the program interface.

Opera for Windows also shows thumbnails of the last visited websites. You can remove them or replace with new shortcuts in case you prefer visual thumbnails for quick access to pages. There can be as many thumbnails as you wish.

Main advantages of the Opera for Windows browser

  • Turbo mode which increases the speed of performance of the program and reduces the RAM consumption by compressing the data on the web pages.
  • Built-in VPN option to mask the user's IP address and provide access to the blocked resources.
  • Built-in ads-blocking option which also does not allow potentially harmful scripts. This option also helps the browser to work faster and consume less computer resource.
  • Flexible privacy and security settings with the full possibility to define which types of contents can be loaded or should be blocked.
  • Private browsing mode in a separate window which deletes all the session data automatically when the session is closed.
  • Initial data synchronization between the Opera for desktop and Opera Touch for the mobile devices. It does not require additional accounts registered for the browser. The sync task is activated by the QR code scanning.
  • MyFlow service allows selective synchronization of the data between the different application builds on several locations. By adding a page to MyFlow, user makes it available from other devices. This can save time for searching in history of visited pages, as there will be necessary pages only.
  • Built-in tool for taking snapshots.
  • Add-ons store with more than 1000 of extensions for Windows version.
  • Direct access to instant messengers from the browser window so you won't need to launch separate applications or open their web versions on separate pages and switch between them to keep the chats.
  • Personalized news feed offering you latest articles from the sources of your choice. However, if you don't need this option, you can disable news showing in the quick settings menu.
  • Full customization of the browser — you can choose themes, wallpapers, elements to be shown and work parameters.
  • Regular updates and the option to roll back to the default settings. Here it is possible to save the custom data or to delete them all and get a blank new browser.

Drawbacks of the Opera for Windows browser

  • While working on Windows computers, this browser might consume more memory if there are multiple tabs open. Like with Google Chrome, closing some tabs would resolve this issue.
  • There are only two search engines which can be set as default, Google and Yandex. If you want to use some other search resource, you will need to launch it separately.

Still, if you choose to download Opera for Windows and use it on your computer, you can be sure to get a free, convenient and very smart-looking solution with some unique built-in options, making your web surfing better.

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