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Puffin Browser is a free cross-platform web-browser entirely designed, developed and released by American CloudMosa, Inc. Puffin uses a brand new model of browsing applicable to cloud surfing with using two distinct, physically separate versions of computers for individual or enterprise purposes. One computer is used for important work-related tasks in an isolated network, while the other is applied for web-browsing in the Internet. If the second computer is being hacked or corrupted, the first one will still remain safe. Following this principle, Puffin web browser grants you a way to use second computer in the cloud.

Essential features of Puffin Browser software

Here is the description of the most vital opportunities and abilities that make Puffin the safest and the most secure browser in the network:

  • The browser isolation within the cloud sandbox can isolate viruses with 100% efficiency. In conjunction with Puffin’s network protocol, such an approach makes your environment absolutely invulnerable to any hacker attacks or third-party intrusions to your data sent from or retrieved by the app. Puffin’s data exchange and network protocol is too lightweight to make the viruses leak from the cloud server to the client devices used.
  • Full safeguarding of your devices. While a zero-day attack is on the way, any of your browser except Puffin (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge) is vulnerable to cyber exploit. While your surfing sessions within cloud are executed in the remote sandbox, your used gadgets won’t affected by such cyber attacks.
  • Any cybersecurity threats are avoided. While your active surfing session is expected to end, everything is destroyed and purged on the server side. Hereby, you are always isolated from potential threats and remain in a clean state regardless of the session’s conditions.
  • The corporate cloud rendering engine provides a boost performance. No matter what are the specifications of your actual device, Puffin supercharges the browsing experience and leverages the hardware resources on the cloud servers.
  • Flash Player supported. Despite the fact that Flash technology have recently been overdriven by HTML5 and Silverlight, some of the latest web-portals still use Adobe Flash in their updates applied to content management systems. However, until the Flash upgrades are entirely replaced by HTML5 commits, you can still freely use this classic web-standard in Puffin.
  • Full compliance with Windows, macOS and Raspberry Pi. Although macOS version is still expected to be released, we guarantee that all the features available in Windows environment will be successfully ported to macOS platform without any exceptions. Stay tuned for the updates.
  • Proprietary model the of app distribution. As CloudMosa needs cloud resources to maintain the sandbox environment and the secured protocols to operate, Puffin requires some financial contribution from your side. You can choose between yearly or monthly subscription plan, and the price is quite affordable.
  • Unlimited browsing time regardless of the session durations. After you choose a plan and make a subscription, the duration of the time periods you spend online with maximum cloud-based protection is unrestricted.

Puffin free browser is a superior choice for absolute protection from cyber attacks, malware and intrusions emerged. After you download and install the app to your PC or Mac, you are suggested to make a plan subscription for small donate before you can actually use the browser. Android and iOS versions work with some restrictions on the free basis.

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