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Puffin Browser for Android
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Puffin Browser for Android is an incredibly fast and secure web-browser, which works on a completely different principal in comparison with accustomed software solutions for navigation through the network. Puffin uses distributed cloud servers to operate with the traffic and to process the content from the source code, written by the web-developer, to the visual shape displayed to the end user. Thus, even the most heavy resources with plenty of scripts, animations and requests are processed stunningly quickly, as the cloud server resources are applied in order to process the heavy data, and only the results of the calculations are provided to the user afterwards. Also, such a method grants immersive protection from hacker attacks and intrusions of malware code, trojans and keyloggers that track the personal data being typed in, such as passwords, bank account numbers and secure codes. Puffin app for Android tablets and mobile phones grants you the way to use the server resources for free for personal purposes without any restraints in functional or commercial aspect.

The Puffin browser application: opportunities and options

Here is a brief review of the most vital tweaks of Puffin browser for Android:

  • Robust speed and efficiency of browsing operations and navigation. The app shifts the workload from the resource-restricted mobile devices to the cloud servers. As a result, the resource-demanding web-content runs stunningly fast on your tablets and phones.
  • Full-scale protection from third-party cyber-intrusions and hijacking of private data. All the traffic in Puffin, either incoming or outcoming, is encrypted. Hereby, while using public Wi-Fi network in transport or in a cafe, you can be absolutely assured that your personal info won’t be leaked to unauthorized persons. This fact doesn’t concern the case when you use other software solutions instead of Puffin.
  • The latest Flash player updates. The company responsible for the maintenance of the web-services and cloud processing data-banks constantly improves their servers and provides the latest version of Flash player, built over the cloud without a need for any manual manipulations or auxiliary installations.
  • Saving your bandwidth from overloading the excessive data stream. The solution applies proprietary compression algorithm in order to send web-data to your mobile gadget, and as a conclusion, it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth on ordinary web-browsing. As a matter of fact, you can watch YouTube videos, Twitch streams, movies in Full HD quality simultaneously without ceasing your regular navigation routine.
  • Exclusive Theater mode for Flash games and videos. In this specific custom mode you can adjust the resolution and size of the visible area where the media-content is displayed.
  • Virtual gamepad and trackpad, which provide even more joyful Puffin experience during interaction with online mobile games anywhere.
  • Customizable color theme for sidebar and toolbar. You can choose the suitable skin, which totally corresponds to your demands and stylish preferences among the suggestions.
  • One of the Fastest jаvascript engine among all other navigators for Android platform.
  • Incognito tab. While you are working with Puffin in Incognito mode, you can auto-clean all of your online activities with a single finger tap.

Puffin has gained a mass of positive feedback from community and press. Hereby, the developers are constantly motivated to make their software solution even better, faster and richer with tweaks and perks. The full version of Puffin web browser for Android is available to download at this particular page, so give it a try.

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