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Puffin Browser for MacOS
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Puffin Browser for MacOS is a secure desktop web-browser, which works on distinct cloud server quota applicable by CloudMosa company to the users who browse the web from any desktop or mobile device. Puffin is a cross-platform software initiative, it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems. The version of the product for Mac or MacBook is still expected to be released soon. However, the developers convince us that all the PC abilities will be entirely ported to OS X build without any exception, so we are waiting for the official announcement.

What makes Puffin Browser different from others

Puffin works in absolutely special way, and here we’re going to elaborate on its features in detail:

  • The program follows the principle of having two physically separate computers to browse the web. One of them suits for work operations and other different tasks, while the other is designated specifically for Internet surfing. If one of the computers appears to be broken or hacked, the second one will remain entirely safe. Following this concept, Cloud Mosa provides you the second computer working in the cloud environment.
  • As the real-time tests reveal, browsing the web via the isolated local sandbox is not enough for 100% guarantee that your session is fully secured. Even the local sandboxes from the most talented companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks and hijacking of personal data. Puffin offers browser isolation in the cloud sandbox. Such an environment cannot isolate viruses with maximum efficiency, but network protocol applied can do it instead, and it works like a charm. The browser’s data exchange and network protocol are too lightweight to transfer viruses from the cloud servers to the user’s devices.
  • Avoiding cybersecurity threats. When a surfing session is completed, the browsing engine destroys and purges everything on the cloud server. Thus, you are always isolated from potential threats on the web and remain in a clean condition.
  • Safeguarding your devices. When a zero-day attack is taken place, all other browsers except Puffin (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.) become vulnerable to cyber intrusion. While your surfing sessions via Puffin are in the cloud, your devices won’t ever be affected by such potential threats.
  • Boosting the performance with exclusive cloud rendering engine. No matter what are the hardware requirements of your applicable device, Puffin supercharges the browsing performance by using the cloud computing resources on corporate servers, which grants a solid advantage to the responsiveness and efficiency of any operations you execute in Puffin.
  • First month of using the service is absolutely free, so you can test all the abilities and specialities of the cloud sandbox yourself. After that, you are offered to make a minor contribution on the monthly or yearly basis. However, you can always cancel your subscription.
  • Full compatibility with Windows, macOS and Raspberry Pi, as well as with all types of up-to-date mobile systems.
  • Unlimited time allocated for browsing sessions. While you work in the new session, you can browse as long as you want without rebooting or pauses. The connection is stable indeed, and there are no lags or freezes on the server side.

You can download Puffin Browser for Mac after the official announcement from CloudMosa company, the developer of the solution. Stay tuned for the news and follow the updates!

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