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Puffin Browser for Windows
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Puffin Browser for Windows is an innovative kind of software that offers a completely new browsing technology for performing a speedy search online with no efforts. The application is available for both mobile devices and Windows desktop computers and laptops. The version of the web browser available on our website is completely free to use. Not to mention, Puffin also has a paid premium version, so you can also purchase it in case you need some extra features. However, we believe that the number of embedded features is completely enough for effective browsing even in the app’s free version for your PC. You can download the free Puffin Browser for PC right now and try amazingly fast online search just at once. The program is compatible with the most popular versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and 7.

Puffin for PC: what makes it special?

  • The most valuable and unique feature of the application is its revolutionary cloud-based technology. While the other browsers will use the power of your computer for performing its feature, Puffin will do the entire job using its cloud services. That is why this app is considered to be two times faster than its analogs.
  • The safest browsing can be made on different computers. The first one is used for browsing, while the other one helps you to deal with your tasks. In case something goes wrong on the computer where you browse, your main machine remains to be completely safe. Puffin gives you such a unique opportunity! Now your second computer is cloud-based with the help of CloudMosa service.
  • The application helps you to avoid most cybersecurity threads. Puffin Browser for Windows will delete all the browsing data after your session finishes. Therefore, the influence of any potential threats, like malware and viruses, is significantly eliminated.
  • The application also supports Flash. It will be shifted to the cloud, encoded for increasing the quality of video and pushed back, cleaned and fresh. That is why you will get not only incredibly speedy browsing but also an ability to surf online in the safest possible way. Furthermore, the program will not load the processor of your laptop or computer, saving your battery from being dried out too quickly.
  • The program uses an advanced feature of Browser Isolation in the cloud sandbox. Although it can’t isolate viruses 100% like the local sandbox, Puffin’s network protocol is able to isolate malware completely. That is why, if you value your privacy and browsing security, Puffin is surely the best option to protect your personal data and devices from any viruses or hackers.
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Puffin Browser for Windows 10 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Puffin Browser for Windows 8 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Puffin Browser for Windows 7 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Puffin Browser for Windows is available for free download without registration
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