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Opera Mini is a universal browser suitable for all modern Android devices. The application has an outstanding performance, offering fast and easy browsing. The program is highly rated by most users due to its pleasant interface and a wide range of innovative features. The latest version of the software can be downloaded and installed to your device for free. It doesn’t require any additional payments for advanced tools or options. Opera Mini download for Android usually runs smoothly and will take you just a few moments.

The main advantages of Opera Mini

First of all, Opera Mini is a simple and user-friendly browser developed for mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it will not require plenty of space on your device. It is also easy to update, so you are not likely to face any difficulties when it comes to upgrading your app. Although the program has a long history, you have free access to its newest version.

  1. The browser is really fast. When it comes to effective browsing, speed is the most important thing. With Opera Mini, you can enjoy the speedy surfing on the Internet, which makes the program amazingly popular among millions of users. The app’s secret is that it compresses the web content before it reaches you, so you will get your websites loaded in a blink of an eye. Your Android browser will help you to search online on the high speed even in case you have a slow connection.
  2. The tool has an in-built ad blocker. Billions of websites contain advertisement, so a common user often gets tired of too many ads. Your mini browser will block almost all types of modern ads, so you will not get distracted by pop-up windows or be disappointed with the overflow of content on your favorite web pages.
  3. If you often download music and video to your device, Opera browser has a great feature developed exactly for those purposes. The app automatically scans the opened website for music and video files, being ready to save all the media on the fly. Furthermore, there is no need to switch between different folders — all your downloads are now collected on a single screen in your browser.
  4. Keen on social media? With a new Facebook notification bar, you will not miss anything important. Stay up-to-date with what’s happening on your Facebook feed with no need to go directly to the website.
  5. For those who are saving money, Opera Mini has a special tracking feature. Feel free to know more about your data saving and keep in touch with your data plan not to exceed the limits. Moreover, the application offers an extreme savings mode.
  6. Incognito browsing is also available on the app. If you don't want to get your history saved, just switch on the mode and browse in private tabs.
  7. And one more tool for those who prefer reading at nights. The program has a special night mode that will make your reading much more comfortable.

If you are ready to get experience with using all the amazing features, Opera Mini download is available right now. To know more about the browser, visit Opera for Android.

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, Android, iOS
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Opera Mini for Android Varies with device .apk Download
Opera Mini for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Opera Mini is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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