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Opera Touch is one of the three mobile browsers created by Opera, and it is the newest one. This solution was created for the mobile devices exclusively. The Android version of the browser was presented in April 2018, and Opera Touch iOS was released in October 2018, timed to coincide with the iPhone XS and XS Max release and aimed to become an alternative to the main iOS Safari browser.

The interface of the Opera Touch browser for Android and iOS

Unlike the rest of popular mobile browsers which tend to resemble their desktop versions in the interface and navigation, Opera Touch Android was introduced with a different look, having little visual relation to the PC browser. This app is created to work on the way, and its interface is designed to be operated with just one hand.

After you download Opera Touch browser on your smartphone and open it, the application will be launched in the search mode: it will have the keypad active, and the cursor located already in the search field. You can start the search by typing the keyword with one finger, or you can use the voice search (the icon to switch to voice is available on the screen, the Google engine is used).

There is just one main Fast Action button at the bottom of the screen easily reached by your thumb — this makes Opera Touch ideal to perform on large screens taking all the surface of the smartphones. Quick tap on that button launches the instant search option or minimizes the current window to the background. Long tap launches the menu to manage tabs and pages. The settings menu of the app is located at the top-right corner of the program window.

The advantages of the Opera Touch browser for Android and iOS

  • Innovative usability approach which makes this mobile browser perfectly adjusted for one-hand operation and doing web surfing on the go. UI elements are located at the bottom of the screen to be reached easily, the instant search option is launched automatically and there are thumbnails of the recently visited pages.
  • Connection and synchronization with the desktop browser on the PC without the need to create separate accounts and enter logins and passwords. Devices’ connection and synchronization is performed by the QR code scanning — Opera Touch Android and iOS both have the built-in QR Scanner.
  • Shortcuts to recent tabs from computer make it easier to continue web surfing with the mobile browser when you switch from the PC/laptop to the smartphone.
  • My Flow service allows managing pages that you read on different devices: instead of copying all history for you to search through it, this service allows you sending the exact pages you are interested in to this container. After that, it will become available in all Opera browsers on your devices. If you use this option in the desktop browser to send the URL to Opera Touch on the smartphone, it will also produce a notification on the smartphone's home screen.
  • Tabs manager of the browser designed as the set of 3D pages. These pages are large and convenient to scroll through. Swipe to the left closes the tab, swipe to the right sends it to My Flow.
  • End-to-end encryption of all data sent via My Flow.
  • Private mode with disabled history recording is activated with one click.
  • Built-in Ads Blocker will let the app work faster, as it won't load ads scripts.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency mining protection.
  • Dark Theme of the interface to use the browser in the night.

Opera Touch browser is a very young product, however, it already provides a decent set of options. The app is regularly updated, and new enhancements are added to it automatically.

Opera Touch iOS or Android version would be a good choice for anyone looking for a convenient browser solution adjusted to work on smartphones. It's fast, aesthetically pleasing, and it is designed for the one-hand operation. Besides, its UI makes it comfortable to search for the information and managing tabs —– the smartphone rests safely in the hand, the user won't risk dropping it accidentally.

Opera Touch download is absolutely free of charge.

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, Android, iOS
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Opera Touch for Android Varies with device .apk Download
Opera Touch for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Opera Touch is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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