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Firefox Focus is a variant of the Mozilla Firefox mobile browser, a tiny free app for smartphones and tablets with minimum resource consumption. Its functionality is limited in comparison with the Quantum browser latest version for mobile devices, but it has the highest privacy protection level.

Initially Firefox Focus for Android was created on the basis of the Google's engine, however, its latest version uses Mozilla's own Gecko engine. There are versions for Android and iOS devices, besides, this application can be used both as the usual browser for web surfing and as the additional tool for blocking undesired contents when you use the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad.

Gecko engine and the anti-tracker, and data blocking options make the Focus very fast, as it simply does not load such parts of page as cookies, tracking scripts and web fonts. The pages become lighter and are loaded quickly. The absence of some scripts and web fonts might change the look and behavior of the pages, but the user can edit the parameters of the data blocking in the settings menu of the browser.

Firefox Focus interface

After the Firefox Focus download, the user will see the interface of this mobile app in bright colors. However, it is very minimalistic in style with only two active elements: the address bar which is the search field at the same time and the main menu icon. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to add bookmarks. For a new page loaded, Firefox Focus will produce the trash bin icon to clear the browsing data with one click. If you have several pages open in separate tabs, clicking on that icon will remove all the data immediately and bring the initial blank interface.

Advantages of Firefox Focus

  • Thorough and flexible privacy settings make the web search in this browser secure and protect the user's personal data. Besides blocking the website trackers and cookies, Firefox Focus is a perfect solution when you need to look for some goods — then you may be sure that you won't be haunted by the advertisements about those things whenever you go to the Internet. At the same time, you can allow cookies or some scripts for the definite resources only from your side.
  • A very light weight and minimum memory usage make Firefox Focus the most suitable solution for web surfing when you need to save the traffic and system resources.
  • The possibility to delete the browsing data instantly with one click on an icon in the interface.
  • Clearing the browsing history and cache automatically on closing the browser — in other browsers you would need to enable the private/incognito mode for the window first.
  • The latest version of Firefox Focus supports tabs to view several pages at once. This option + suggestions in the search bar make this mobile app closer to the standard browser.
  • Integration with the iOS voice control on iPhones and iPads.

Though this mobile browser was created as a quick solution for private search, the app became popular, and many users chose it as their default browser on Android and iOS devices. Its general performance, simple look and quick and easy data clearing worked in this browser's favor, and the developers added new features to make this initially minimalistic app more advanced. The Firefox Focus download is available for free at Google Play and App Store, so any user can get it, install on the smartphone and use its privacy protection means.

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, Android, iOS
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Firefox Focus for Android Varies with device .apk Download
Firefox Focus for iOS Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Firefox Focus is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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