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Chromium Portable is an archive setup version of modern desktop browser for Windows OS, which doesn’t need to be installed from MSI or EXE file. Instead, everything you need to do in order to run the web-navigator is to download the archive file, unzip it to external folder and run “chromium.exe” executive file for x86- or x64-compatible environment. Chromium is an open-source project, which a few major up-to-date web-browsers rely upon. The engine of the solution, i.e. Blink fork, has also served as a foundation for Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Torch Browser.

Chromium Portable: features and options

As we have said before, the main differences between primary Chromium branch and its portable fork is the way to run the app. If you are going to use essential Chromium for Windows, Linux or macOS platform, you will need to run the setup package, while the portable version doesn’t need to be installed — you can run it just as it is from the external folder, unzipped and generated from the archive.

As for the other features, here’s their short summary:

  • Reliable and smooth source engine. The latest utility version is built on the base of Blink engine, which is described as a contemporary supplementary modification of WebKit branch. The browsing result has become flawless, robust and incredibly gentle without any obvious lags and freezes. The portable version of the Chromium solution cannot be optimized perfectly for your particular CPU and motherboard configuration, so if your computer is a bit outdated, pay attention to the Chromium for Windows app. Instead, if you recently upgraded to Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor or later edition with 4 or more cores, Chromium Portable is just what you need, regardless of the optimization of the app for your hardware configuration.
  • Powerful scalability and extensibility. Chromium Portable is integrated with a huge assortment of third-party add-ons from Chrome Web Store. All the extensions are thoroughly tested on various platforms and systems before being released in store, so stability and reliability is guaranteed. The spectrum of areas to use browser modules is immersive: you can find grammar learners, e-note managers, ad-blockers, interactive calendars with reminders and notifications of important dates, tools for screencasting and screenshot capturing, which are so critically important for bloggers, and much more of other stuff.
  • Flexible, logical and user-friendly approach to personalization of visual layout, customizable themes or skins. You can select among thousands of absolutely free themes available in the same Chrome Web Store. The themes are made with close attention to minor details, elements and palette of colours, implemented within the creative works of authors from all over the world. All of the skins have been checked and approved, so you can gain fully operational and applicable graphical theme.
  • Syncing of your Google account with the cloud storage that grants a method to transfer all your settings, bookmarks and installed plugins to any of your other computer or laptop, which you are using more. This feature works in the same way as Google Chrome: you need to specify the account name (an email) and a correct password to correctly log in and synchronize. After this is done, all of your browser objects will be synced with the server. After that, complete the same procedure from another device, and you will instantly see the same bundle of bookmarks and extensions predefined.

Chromium Portable is a magnificent alternative of regular Chromium browsing app for Windows OS, and it doesn’t stay aside in any aspect. It perfectly fits into your existing infrastructure and grants unbelievable possibilities for web-readers and publishers to provide the intellectual content with the proper level of quality, usability and design.

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Chromium Portable is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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