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Tor Browser Bundle is a conjunction of Tor Browser and VPN, which arrange a dedicated secured connection for chatting via messenger, reading text or media-satiated press or blogs, watching video-clips on YouTube, Twitch or other popular streaming services, and performing any other activities which you consider should be hidden from audience. The setup package is available for Windows platform, however you can find similar same-purposed software suites in Google Play and App Store markets for Android and iOS operating systems respectively. You can get and download the utility right from this page and install the Tor Browser Bundle with a couple of clicks.

Essential tweaks and possibilities of Tor Browser Bundle

Let’s glance at the features and abilities of Tor:

  • The initiative serves as the most secured, protected and private web-browser, which you can use on your desktop computer, portable laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The web-browser lets you avoid the risk that your activity or navigation online will be traced by state authorities or any trackers, which gather the info about your browsing experience from cookies, history, bookmarks and other tags that can reveal some personal data about your identity, location or the device you are using.
  • Due to distributed system of layers that use the so called onion routing, it is almost impossible to find out your exact IP-address. Moreover, none of your personal data is delivered to local Internet provider, which can also serve as a leak of your online activity, aggregated and shared to third-parties.
  • The affordable way to get access to ONION-resources, which can be visited only from Tor browser.
  • Available gateway to access web-content blocked in your region. These types of content may involve blogs, media portals, press affiliates, mirrors and other resources unavailable in the default browser.

After the Snowden case, online privacy and anonymity has become as important as never before. Tor Browser reveals a new means to share private data without potential danger of leaks and surveillance, which is especially critical in authoritative countries. The bundle of VPN and browser allows you to access the web without prolonged setting up and customization, which is a must-have when using software solutions from individual developers. On its way, Tor Bundle works just like a charm: just get it, install it and use: no magic, just a simple logic and practical approach.

If you don’t require VPN as an addition to the browsing app, spare a minute of your time and pay attention to Tor for Windows, Linux, macOS desktop systems. The developers also offer discrete setup packages for Android and iOS environments. Both of these programs are protected from screencasting and use the same network of tunnels and onion layers, which the desktop build is based upon. Hereby, they provide the same level of protection, privacy and anonymity, which the desktop operating systems suggest.

Tor Browser Bundle is distributed on the freeware model and follows the BSD license. However, as the solution uses a network of cloud servers to maintain the fundamentals of accessibility and overcoming the censorship (and is run by volunteers all over the world), donating is appreciated but not obligatory. Indeed, you can use Tor as long as you want without sparing a penny without any conditions, limits or obligations. Another worthy alternative of Tor is Puffin Browser, which uses individual cloud servers to access any content fluently and easily. However, it is a commercial project, so consider this fact while evaluating your accounting budget.

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Tor Browser Bundle is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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