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Google Chrome Portable is a handy tool for those who value fast and easy browsing. The app has a minimalistic design with all the main features and options available similar to its desktop version. However, unlike Chrome Desktop, it doesn’t require a common installation to the PC. That is why you can easily use it on public machines (for example, in local or college libraries), with no need to ask for admin rights for setting up the tool on the computer.

The program needs a limited amount of space, so you can effortlessly store it on your flash card. The app will suit all kinds of modern operating systems, including Windows. Furthermore, you can download Google Chrome portable version for free.

What are the main features of Google Chrome Portable?

  1. Chrome is known for its incredibly high speed: it can load web pages and complex web applications in a snap. The browser’s window is clean and simple with a universal search and navigate box. The program allows you to arrange all the tabs as you wish, offering quick and easy access to all the needed information.
  2. Chrome is a secure app that makes your browsing safer, protecting your device from the latest kinds of malware and fishing. Moreover, it has a special Incognito mode with an ability to search online without saving your history. Once the window is closed, the app will not leave any cookies.
  3. Among the other app’s benefits is its option of automatic translation. If you open the web page in a foreign language, Google browser will offer you an online translation service. The tool also has countless possibilities for customization with tons of different themes and extensions available at its Web Store. Feel free to install speed boosters, games and colorful themes according to your personal preferences.
  4. The tool offers tab isolation feature. In other words, if a certain page crashes, it will not affect or close the entire program. This is extremely handy in case you get used to opening numerous tabs simultaneously.

The differences between Chrome Portable and Desktop versions

  • Your passwords will not be saved by default. The browser stores all the passwords on your current PC. That is why using the portable edition will not get all your login details and passwords automatically saved. However, you can still enable this feature in Google browser’s settings.
  • Certificates are not portable. The Google Portable browser uses the certificate manager of your operating system but not its own manager. All the certificates installed to Chrome will be stored on the current machine and will not be available at your browser’s portable version on the other PCs.

Some minor features remain locked for the portable version. However, if you need fast browsing in a handy app, you will not even notice a lack of those features.

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Google Chrome Portable is available for download free of charge and without registration.
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