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Tor Browser is a free portable anonymous web-browser, which affords a way to share the traffic by routing and encrypting all incoming and outcoming data through distributed network of servers maintained by volunteers from all over the world. Tor Browser prevents observation over Internet-connection, navigation, user hardware configuration. At last, it hides the info about your physical location from any hosts visited during the browsing session. Among the other web-navigators, Tor web-browser affords the maximum protection from surveillance by third-party people or state authorities online.

The advantages of Tor software app over other browsers

Tor is abbreviated from The Onion Router, as far as it implements the second generation of so called onion browser routing. That is a complete system of proxy-servers that allows to set up private network connection protected from overhearing. Such a configuration is appreciated as anonymous network of virtual tunnels that affords a way to transfer data in an encrypted shape.

Here is the review of most interesting application features and peculiarities:

  • With Tor, users can stay anonymous on Internet while visiting web-resources, publishing blogs, sending instant and email messages as well as operating with other programs that use TCP protocol. Such an approach provides a solution not only browse via Tor, but also use instant messengers, clients for remote access, and use any other software utilities which use TCP connection — the private network covers them all. Anonymity of traffic is maintained via using shared network of servers — nodes. Tor technology also provides protection from mechanisms of data analysis or trackers that put in danger not only privacy online, but also confidentiality of commercial secrets, business contacts and privacy of communication in general.
  • The package is operating with network levels of onion-routers and affords a chance to maintain anonymous incoming connections and anonymous hidden services.
  • The browser provides protection from network surveillance that makes personal freedom and private life, confidential, professional activity and relationships dangerous.
  • The current version of the app is incredibly easy to be used by unaware or unexperienced user without former practice.
  • The latest version of the tool is blocking all features that can make harm to your safety online: cookies, Flash-animations, history, browser cache.
  • The project is shared as an archive and does not require to be installed even on portable data storages. Hereby, you can simply copy the folder with browser to USB or SD card, plug it in into the PC or Mac and use it immediately without any setting up or installation.
  • The full localization to over 30 worldwide languages, including all the major ones (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese).

Some important disadvantages regarding Tor application

Here are some issues that you need to remember while browsing online:

  • Low speed of loading pages and content
  • Restrictions in using all of the web-sites
  • Disability to watch Flash-content and animations.

Take into consideration that Tor software only maintains anonymity and privacy within the net. However, if you are sending or getting critically important data, it doesn’t prevent possible leaking of your info, as any other browser does. For these specific purposes, pay attention to distributed cloud server approach, which Puffin Browser provides, for instance.

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