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Tor Browser for Android is a free mobile software navigator, which is designed to enhance your security and protection from third-party trackers, keyloggers and surveillance while you are navigating within the world wide network. Tor is the best browser means for anonymous and private chatting within the messenger, blogging or sharing (obtaining and delivering) confidential data, which you don’t want to be leaked to state authorities or unauthorized persons. You can download Tor Browser mobile version for free following the link on this particular page.

Exclusive features and perks of Tor Browser for Android client

The app is distinguished from the other mobile web-browsers available on the market by a solid range of individual options and tweaks. Here’s the common review of the app’s advantages:

  • Blocking of trackers. While are surfing within a network from the phone or tablet, Tor creates an isolated shell so that ads and third-party trackers can’t follow you. When you are done with browsing, any of the cookies are automatically cleared.
  • Full-scale defence against surveillance. The utility doesn’t let anyone know what resources you are attending. Everything that can be tracked by anyone concerned is that you are using Tor currently, and nothing else.
  • Resistance to fingerprinting. Tor is targeted to make all persons’ online look the same, making it harder for you to be fingerprinted based on your device and browser info.
  • Multi-faceted and immersive encryption. If you want to apply browser for mobile web-browsing, all of your traffic is encrypted and relayed three times as it passes through the relay networking infrastructure. The Tor network comprises thousands of volunteer cloud servers which are identified and well-known as Tor relays.
  • The chance to access the resources blocked by your local Internet provider. If your state authorities have banned some particular web-site or portal, you are eligible to access this content without any restraints or conditions. The app license agreement doesn’t put any restrictions on the web-resources accessible from the relays network.

Currently the mobile and desktop web-surfer is used in most of authoritative countries to chat with people all over the world without a risk to be overheard or tracked. The journalists and bloggers share the confidential data to partners abroad either through messenger or email. The voluntary organizations maintain their activities without any supplementary financing or donating. At the same time, ordinary citizens just want to receive objective, unbiased data from the foreign media and news agencies, and they get such a chance with tunneling. The Android version of the browser has gained all the features and abilities of Windows-branch, and even more. In addition to browsing, you may apply VPN to chat in social networks, watch media-files in YouTube or just read the news from the feed online. Hereby, Tor’s abilities are wider than just regular browsing.

If you want to have a try with Tor Browser for Android, its latest version is available to get from the corresponding link on this specific page. The tool is shared absolutely for free for personal or corporate purposes without any preconditions or limits. The relay networks is supported by volunteers all over the world. Nevertheless, the speed of connection and steadiness of the whole system is maintained at the proper level, disregarding of the country you are using the package from. Censorship is not an issue, that cannot be overcome, so the browser will serve you with confidence and reliability for years, as it supported by global community, constantly refined and enhanced.

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