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Tor Browser for iOS
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Tor Browser for iOS is a mobile version of secured web-navigator for iPhones and iPads. The free app is entirely compatible with any handheld Apple devices that operate on the base of iOS operating system. The solution will definitely attract those who appreciate privacy, security and anonymity while browsing over the network, or need to access resources blocked by the local Internet provider. Tor Browser is easily installed and deployed on iPhone, just like any other mobile tool available in App Store. You can download the iOS version of the web-browser directly from this pag instantly.

Individual options and possibilities of Tor Browser for iOS

Let’s look at the essential client options and tweaks that make Tor a unique solution among the rival products:

  • Full protection from surveillance and tracking. No one knows what web-resources you attend and what data you’re into. Your web-traffic will be redirected through Tor network, and due to this your activity online won’t be traced in any way, so you be assured in the anonymity and privacy of your browsing regardless of your location, public, open or secured WiFi network and the device your use.
  • Web-sites cannot track your real IP-address, as if you are working by using a dedicated proxy-server. Everything will look like the traffic of your web-browser is being delivered from another location. Local web-service providers and unsecured wireless networks also cannot trace your navigation within the web. It will be very hard to link your viewing history to your actual device. Besides, your connection is encrypted with reliable security key, which makes it invulnerable to hacker attacks and cyber-intrusions from the outside.
  • You can visit .onion resources, which are available only through TOR network.
  • Advanced capabilities of operations with tabs, identification and blocking of pop-up windows.
  • Support of audio and video-playback.

You can get a Premium subscription, which offers different abilities not available in the freeware package:

  • absence of ads
  • unrestricted in time and featured aspect VPN-session
  • high-priority support.

Indeed, you can easily work without all of these options. However, if you are going to use the utility for corporate purposes, all of these tricky perks might come in handy.

Tor has gained a huge degree of popularity in authoritative countries all over the world. People have found something worthy in this undisputed top-notch secured solution for chat handling, correspondence and other social activities in the web without a menace to be overheard. The media bloggers, non-governmental organizations and civilians share the confidential info with their trusted people, while press and media can obtain crucial informational leaks from third-parties and concerned people if they don’t want to announce their involvement into the international processes and availability of their representatives in foreign countries. Despite the usage of the suite that has been restricted in several states, the people still trust its tunneled system of layers, which is indeed a splendid means to hide your availability and navigation all around.

You can get Tor Browser for iPad and install it on any mobile gadget from Apple in a bare finger tap without extensive efforts. If you want to try using Tor VPN in a bundle with the web-navigator, have a look at the Tor Browser suite. VPN and web-navigator work in a conjunction, so there is no need to make a prolonged setting up or configuration of the toolset.

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WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or later .ipa Download
Tor Browser for iOS is available for free download without registration
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