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Tor Browser for Linux is a desktop version of the most secure and safe web-browser for Ubuntu compatible with all contemporary platforms and devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad). Tor is working on absolutely different principle in comparison with others: the package maintains the system of proxy-servers that allows to set up anonymous network connection protected from overhearing. Such a system is considered as an anonymous net of virtual tunnels, which provides transfer of data in encrypted shape. Tor for Linux is constantly updated, as the quantity of supported servers is growing, and this should be reflected within the software bundle.

The advantages of Tor Browser for Linux in comparison with other rival solutions for web-surfing

The package has a few bonuses over the other same-purposed tools designed for browsing within Internet:

  • Via Tor, users can stay anonymous in web while visiting web-resources, publishing in blogs, sending instant messages and emails, and while working with other applications that use and are based on TCP protocol.
  • Traffic anonymity is maintained by using shared network of servers — nodes. The applied technology also provides protection from mechanisms of traffic analysis that endanger not only privacy within web, but also confidentiality of commercial secrets, business contacts, and privacy of relationships in common.
  • All the interactive Flash-content and animations are blocked in Tor, as they can threaten your online safety.
  • Cache, history and cookies are automatically removed and purged from the browser memory.
  • The hardware configuration of your actual PC is hidden from the resources you visit.
  • Secure HTTPS protocol application is essential in all browser operations.
  • The project has solid multi-language localization. Currently the app is translated to over 30 worldwide languages, among which are German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and others.
  • The bundle with browser and built-in anonymizer is absolutely portable. You don’t need to make any installation or setting up to run Tor, just download the archive with executive files and DLLs, unzip it, copy the folder with the app on USB flash-drive, plug it in, and start working.
  • Provides secure and private access to all of the resources blocked in your geographical region by state authorities or commercial enterprises.
  • Guarantees privacy and full anonymity in the web. Thus, none of the data will be leaked to third parties, and they won’t identify your physical location or IP-address from where you are accessing the web at the moment.
  • The basic concept and principle of the Tor program application is clear and logical to any user categories, regardless of their former experience and practices.

Here are the common disadvantages of the Tor app:

  • The pages with web-content are opened and displayed quite slowly. This issue can be explained by distributing the traffic among several proxy servers or nodes that are provided by volunteers following minor contributions and support from their side. Such an approach hides your physical location, which can be retrieved by corresponding resources and trackers.
  • As we have told before, all of Flash content and interactive animations being processed via Tor are blocked. This is an obligatory condition, as the GIF and FLV-files are operating with scripts that find out the hardware configuration of your PC, and this info should not be designated for sharing as well.

Tor for Ubuntu is a stunning way to stay invisible for surveillance and tracking, retrieving or delivering data to several sites or services simultaneously. The usage of the app by major journalists, non-governmental organizations and private individuals in countries with repressive regimes provides solid leverage to this amazing software initiative.

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