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Tor Browser for MacOS
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Tor Browser for macOS is one of the most secure and confidential web-browsers available on the software market. This portable application provides a way to use Tor anonymizer on any desktop (Windows, Linux or OS X) or mobile (Android, iOS) operating system without a need to install different packages and maintains anonymity, safety and privacy during surfing within Internet. Tor software bundle includes web-navigator and anonymizer that also covers operations with instant messengers, email accounts, cloud storages, etc. and is available to download from this very page. Tor Browser for Mac suggests full protection from surveillance, tracking, overlooking your chats and overhearing voice talks.

Individual peculiarities of Tor Browser for macOS

Tor browser is an entirely portable software package and can be easily run from the USB flash-card without any former installation or setting up.

The embedded anonymizer maintains your privacy within the web due to routing of your network traffic through distributed net, initiated, run and supported by volunteers from all over the world. Such a scheme prevents an opportunity to track what web-resources do you visit, to identify your physical location and also affords a way to get access to websites blocked in your geographical region.

The tool also allows you to protect yourself from “analysis of data stream” — one of the categories of network surveillance that can threaten your personal freedom and privacy, confidentiality of business contacts and relationships.

The program perfectly operates with many existing software applications, including web-browsers, systems of instant data exchange, clients for remote access, and other apps that use TCP protocol.

Tor is an abbreviation of The Onion Router. The program implements the second generation of so called onion routing, which uses the system of reliable proxy-servers to access the blocked content. The program tool operates with network levels of onion-routers that lets you maintain anonymous incoming connections and anonymous hidden services.

Dozens of thousands of people all over the world use the maintained distributed network on various reasons: journalists and bloggers, organizations that protect human rights, military personnel, corporations and their employees, citizens of countries with dictatorship, and just ordinary people. Private individuals apply Tor for inviolability of personal life and for getting access to the info blocked by Internet-censorship, while journalists apply the browser for safe communication with informators and dissidents. Non-governmental humanitarian structures, and those which are related to foreign affairs (Greenpeace, MSF, Humans Rights Watch, etc.), use Tor for connecting their employees to requested sites in abroad trips when there is a particular sense not to advertise their activity in any way. Social organizations (Indymedia, for instance) recommend the onion routing to provide the online safety of their members. Corporations make use of the service as a secure method to run analysis on competitive market and as an addition to virtual private networks as well.

In specific conditions, one of the nodes of Tor chain can become vulnerable. For some particular reason, the visited web-resource can execute the actions hostile to the client — starting from the attempts to identify the real address of the client up to an effort to decline his message.

Tor Browser is incredibly stable and efficient on MacBooks and Macs, also it is constantly updated to prevent leaking of personal info on new macOS builds and releases. After you install a recent version of application on your Mac, you can be absolutely assured that no one will find your real location or read the messages you send to your interlocutor online.

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Tor Browser for MacOS is available for free download without registration
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