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Torch Browser for macOS
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Torch Browser for macOS is a unique version of the browser satiated with a variety of modules for media exchange, downloading of files and torrents, socializing, etc. The tool is built on the core of Chromium platform, so it inherits all the primary app bonuses and advantages. If you worked with any of Chromium-based web-navigators (such as Vivaldi, Opera, Google Chrome) before, it won’t take much time to get acquainted with the tool interface and become familiar with all the abilities of the software project.

Torch Browser for macOS: features and options

Here’s a review of specific app options and possibilities, which make the Torch Browser tool unique in comparison with other top-notch web-browsers:

  • Flawless, smooth and stylish user interface. On the homepage of the app’s GUI all the popular trends and activities are aggregated by types of categories, each particular product is designed for. Thus, all types of Google apps are gathered under Apps block, Amazon, AliExpress and Target are united over Shopping category, and sites that refer to news and travel are also united in the corresponding groups. In the text box above you can search interesting queries.
  • A solid amount of integrated services that serve to make your interaction with Torch richer and more vivid. Torch Games module offers a way to play hundreds of free interactive games online without any auxiliary setting up or installation. The genres also vary from easy-to-handle logical arcades and farms to platformers and runners, anyone can find something to fit his choice and taste.
  • With Torch Music component you can listen to a major range of musical compositions, either licensed or freeware. The library included thousands of titles and groups of any music genre. You can also apply the search by the name of the song or the group. Furthermore, you can generate custom playlists that contain all of your favourite music in a single broad list and listen to it with any order, either sequential or random.
  • Download Media extension grants a solution to get any type of media file from the Internet without prolonged setting up and customization of third-party download manager. The module supports multichannel download of large file objects that decreases the delays and time for expectation until the download is over.
  • The TorchTorrent add-on provides a way to download the torrent files in the fluent and intuitive way, as if you are using a third-party torrent client (uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBitTorrent, etc.) You can use either magnet links or local torrent files downloaded to your computer formerly. Whatever the option , the download is accomplished within a few minutes depending on your connection bandwidth.
  • In addition to issues noted above, you can use all of the primary features accessible from Chrome web-browser, as both of these software solutions rely on the same platform — Chromium, and have the similar interface. Definitely, Torch is a much wider and broader product in feature-wise, so after you have a try on this modern and easy-to-use toolkit, you won’t get back to your former download manager and web browser.

Torch Browser for macOS is an intuitive program for navigating through the web with its own charisma and notable look. This all-in-one bundle contains everything you may need for fast and steady browsing. The embedded modular components enlarge the spectrum of abilities Torch can perform. Hereby, after you download Torch Browser for macOS, the decision you made will bring you joy again and again, with every minute you spend by your favourite web-navigator.

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