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Torch Browser for Windows
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Torch Browser for Windows is a free desktop browser with unique embedded possibilities for multimedia web-content designated for sharing and downloading. The solution is designed based on Chromium infrastructure, offering the fast browsing capabilities. Via Torch web-navigator, you can get online media, accelerate downloads, get torrents and share sites you prefer — all of these opportunities are available right from the browser. With Torch Browser for Windows, you can avoid using any other third-party software for handling any types of tasks related to media exchange or social options.

Interesting features of Torch Browser for Windows

Let’s summarize the most outstanding perks and tweaks of the app which reveal the potential of the browser from multiple perspectives:

  • The browser supports various media-files formats without a need to install special plugins, converters and other specific software tools.
  • Built-in “Torrent client” feature: you can download torrent files without installing and setting up any third-party torrent client. The plugin is being opened from a different tab. Also you get a chance to manage the speed of the downloading.
  • Integrated “Media-grabber” feature: downloading, saving and storing audio- and video-content from the sites, which contain an option to view/listen such type of media in online-mode
  • “Download Accelerator” embedded component — increasing the speed of files download due to multichannel bandwidth.
  • Torch Music plugin. The service allows to view videos on YouTube, generate playlists and share music within social networking platforms.
  • Twitter and Facebook support — sending links to social networks with Share button. Specialized FaceLift plugin included into the software package grants a chance to personalize Facebook pages by color adjustment, setting up background image and customizing colors. Changes being implemented are visible only to those of the friends who currently use Torch.
  • Hola for Torch extension provides a method of overcoming the geographical restrictions and get access to various pages prohibited in your country.
  • Compliance with Chromium add-ons.
  • Increased safety level for protected and secure operations within Internet — protection from phishing, viruses and other types of web-attacks.
  • As the developers claim, the software project doesn’t collect any personal data from its users and doesn’t contain any adware or trackers, which send the info to third-party structures or companies.
  • Besides the powerful bundle of various utilities, the browser also offers enriched variety of primary browsing features required for comfortable surfing within the web. You can view the browsing history, generate bookmarks, use private view mode for surfing without leaving traces, install third-party extensions, manage and customize search engines, clear data regarding the user activity (history, downloads list, cache, temporary files, passwords, etc.), including Torch Download Accelerator, which gets the files from the network, and use exchange and search panels by the drag-and-drop method.

In comparison with other software products, you can consider Torch as an all-in-one bundle for downloading, sharing media and socializing. As all the same features are provided by other third-party tools only, Torch Browser unites various packages into a multiplied universal suite for any cases and conditions. Download Torch Browser and get an efficient and solid product for surfing with comfort.

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Torch Browser for Windows 10 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Torch Browser for Windows 8 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Torch Browser for Windows 7 x-32 bit, x-64 bit .exe Download
Torch Browser for Windows is available for free download without registration
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