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UC Browser is a new version of the software tool for web-browsing and surfing within the Internet. Highly customizable and personalizable, this free web-browser provides a massive range of features for geeks and rookies, allows to adjust your current visual theme according to your personal tastes, contains embedded ad-blocker and turbo mode. At last, it contains Incognito mode, which grants a way to enhance your security and anonymity while accessing the email or social networks, and it perfectly works both on desktop (Windows) and mobile (Android, iOS) operating systems.

Special tweaks and perks of UC Browser

The application has a solid set of options that make it an undisputed must-have choice for anyone concerned. Below we would like to point out the most peculiar features of the app that make a difference:

  • Quick loading of all the content displayed and processed due to fast and stable browser engine. The corporate servers accelerate and stabilize the loading. If there is a malfunction in any of network operations, UC Browser can continue the loading starting from the break point. Turbo mode, applicable to file loading, saves your time for instant switch between tabs and individual apps.
  • Fluent and smooth user interface. There are no freezed pages anymore. The latest version of UC Browser offers quick representation of search results, rapid access to social networks, search within the net and entertainment.
  • Exclusive embedded content, which recognizes whatever you like. Fit content, adaptive to your needs, includes traditional media, popular entertainment portals, video, TV-shows, sport podcasts, and much more.
  • Traffic economy. UC browser compresses data, accelerates the navigation, and affords a chance to economize more traffic online. The more you browse, the more traffic you get and save.
  • Integrated ads blocker. The ads blocker prevents you from viewing a mass of banners and commercials that make the loading of pages harder. This module assists you to fluently browse without viewing interactive ad-animations and pop-up forms, either on mobile device or PC.
  • Videos to any choice in HD quality. The app grants a solution to watch movies and TV-series. Media-clips are divided on categories in menu, and each of us can find the suitable content for yourself: humour, anime, trailers, technology, you name it.
  • Integrated Facebook mode. This unique feature accelerates Facebook operability regardless of your network conditions and status. UC Browser will always find a way to increase the speed of your network.
  • Night mode. Toggle to night mode in order to read comfortably at night time, save your sight and battery consumption. Indeed, night mode will aid to lower the brightness of your screen and to prolong the charge of your power bank or phone battery.
  • Incognito mode. This particular mode protects your private confidentiality without saving, storing or viewing your history or personal data.
  • Syncing of all your devices. With a user account of your UC browser instance, you can easily sync history, bookmarks and opened tabs between you smartphone, tablet, computer and other desktop devices.
  • Frequent updates of the project published for all corresponding actual platforms officially. When a new version is released, you receive a pop-up notification within your UC browser to update and install the patch at once without downloading and reinstalling the product from scratch.

UC Browser includes everything you need for flawless and time-saving browsing. If you want to have a personal look at the UC Browser, download the offline installer and make the proper optional setting up. By default, not all of the noted above features are enabled, so take your time to make a bit of configuration steps, and you’re ready to go!

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