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UC Browser Mini is a light and fast version of the mobile UC Browser app for Android, which persistently and fluently works on mobile phones and tablets with outdated hardware configurations. All the most important and critically acclaimed features of the standard UC web-browser have been successfully ported to the latest version of UC Mini application. So, there is no need to switch between standard and mini builds of the software product. Just select the proper version of the appl, taking into consideration the hardware requirements of your current device, and select the corresponding branch to download from the Play Market for free — and that’s it!

Essential options of the UC Browser Mini

Before you install the new version of the UC Browser Mini, spare a minute to learn more about the program features and advantages that the developers have taken care of:

  • Lightweight size of the online installer available in the official Google store. Currently the size of the app is equal to 1.1 MB, but if you choose to try using this app, you will obtain a fully working browser without any restrictions or usage conditions.
  • Quick surfing. The rapid viewing mode will economize and save your time and traffic while browsing in the Internet.
  • Enhanced and sophisticated downloader. The integrated resource manager supports simultaneous downloading of multiple files, background and cloud download with automatic resume after connection breakdown or failure.
  • Managing video via gestures. Support of gestures management within UC Browser allows to adjust volume, rewind forward or backward any particular media-clip.
  • Built-in Incognito mode. The secure and anonymous Incognito mode will afford a means to make your web-connection invisible without saving cookies, history and cache while browsing online. Indeed, UC Browser possibilities yield to more proficient browsers, such as Tor or Puffin. Nevertheless, for basic protection and tracking, UC Browser will serve you loyally.
  • Night mode. This comfortable option would grant you a set of advantages over standard mode with advanced contrast and brightness of your phone screen. When the night mode is activated, the decreased lighting of the text and visual content on your phone screen will save your sight and battery from consumption. The lowered visual gamma of the objects displayed would make everything look better on the device display in the evening and night time when the light is turned off at your location.
  • Integrated QR-code scanner. If you noticed a QR-code in transport or cafe, there is no need to install and set up any third-party software tools from the market. Just open the embedded QR-scanner and read the code with your phone: the UC Browser will do all the rest of the work for you.
  • Free cloud storage. If you are still doubting what cloud service to give preference to, try the exclusive UC cloud integrated into the browser. Surely, this fast and cozy plug-in will be able to win your heart.
  • Special text mode. If the page you are reading at the moment doesn’t include any graphical objects or animated GIFs, just toggle to text mode to make your surfing experience even brighter and more enriched with flexible customization of font size, typeface and style.
  • Checking out the network status. If there is a connection failure or breakdown, the UC Browser will instantly notify you with the details about the actual error, and will resolve the issue once after the connection is restored.

It is also worth to be specified that the project is constantly updated with additional features to come, so anticipate more! If you decided to give a try to UC Browser Mini, download the mobile app for Android from this particular page.

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33.0 MB
Mobile phone, tablet
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UC Browser Mini Varies with device .apk Download
UC Browser Mini is available for free download without registration
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