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Vivaldi Browser is a top-notch web-navigator profitably distinguishable from the most recent applications for surfing and browsing online. As a matter of fact, Vivaldi web-browser contains most of the features which were formerly available in Opera 12 — the latest classic branch of another popular competitive app: side panel, thumbnails view of the images displayed on the tab, notes, visual tabs, recycle bin with closed tabs, etc. The offline installer of Vivaldi with the latest version included can be downloaded from the corresponding platform page.

Vivaldi's features and options

Among all the browsers available on the software market currently, Vivaldi is being advanced and enhanced with the highest rate and speed. Thus, in the latest update, the developers have added the following interesting features:

  • Full control over your active tabs. You can entirely personalize how you want your tabs to be grouped and displayed in the app. The grouping is available within TabStacks, so that all of your actual content stays organized and decluttered. The tabs can also be controlled from the Sidebar to allow management and searching of your tabs in an efficacious way.
  • Customizable visual interface. You can select among the wide variety of Themes and easily apply them to your current GUI shape. The frequently visited resources can also be accessed from the sidebar. The site thumbnails can be rearranged with drag-and-drop mechanics. Moreover, Vivaldi interface can adapt to the main color of the website you’re currently surfing in the Internet and use it as an accent hue.
  • A chance to create your workflow with configurable behaviours, gestures and shortcuts. Vivaldi supports all the extensions from Chrome Web Store. Thus, you can find thousands of useful and handy plugins without toggling between different programs.
  • Flawless and smooth navigation. You can add shortcuts to your most preferential resources to a Speed Dial to keep them a click away. After you open each new tab page, these personalized thumbnails links are displayed right there. Functional, informative and descriptive history revamps your navigation experience into pure pleasure by exploring your history in a whole new way. Quick Commands menu serves to search the web with any installed search engine, search your bookmarks and history or to find an open tab in a blink of an eye.
  • Ultimate mouse and keyboard probabilities. You can apply or adjust any of the single key keyboard shortcuts to your preferences for even faster access to your frequent commands. For full comfort, Vivaldi offers mouse gestures: you can adjust the existing gestures, create entirely new from scratch or even customize their sensitivity to adapt to your needs.
  • Solid privacy and security maintenance. The browser doesn’t track any of your activity and doesn’t collect any data of your behaviour and attendances while you are surfing from a Private Window. None of the cookies, temporary files or history is stored in Vivaldi as well during private surfing.
  • Сross-platform syncing between all of your devices used. While the user data is synced, the end-to-end encryption is applied so that none of your private data is leaked to the third-parties. For full security via Private Windows, the developers have refined the special search engine to provide the full anonymity online.
  • Built-in screenshot capturing and notes manager suggest the unbelievable comfort and a chance to make personal recording and marks right within Vivaldi form.

The project refinement is not standing still. More advanced featured options are yet to come, so feel free to download the latest build right from this page.

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